#IAmGalen: Michael Buhman, Technical Consultant

#IAmGalen: Michael Buhman, Technical Consultant

What originally drew you to Galen/what was your first impression? 

I was looking for new challenges and Galen is really a place where I can put my accrued skills to good use while also working with new and exciting technologies and techniques every day. My third day at the company we all went to Cancun so it’s safe to say my first impression was a good one! 

What was your background prior to joining Galen? 

I worked with clinical interfaces at Cerner for a little over four years, about half of which was spent doing data migrations both to and from the Cerner Millennium platform. 

When did you join Galen, and what do you do here? 

I joined Galen in the fall of 2019 to work on the Professional Services side of the Data Migrations team, but I’ve since transferred over to Technical Services. So on a day-to-day basis I help our clients extract their data from their existing environment and load it into whatever platform they’re moving to. 

What are you looking forward to as we continue to grow as a company? 

More opportunities to work with different EMRs and technologies. We already offer a wide variety of services and have subject matter experts for a mix of platforms, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how that is going to expand as we bring on more people and their knowledge bases. 

Galen’s culture is pretty unique – what’s your favorite aspect of it? 

I love the culture – everyone has been extremely accommodating and helpful from the jump. It really seems like everyone in the company has years and years of industry experience and know-how, and is just itching to share that expertise with clients and co-workers. At the same time, it’s a very chill and laid back office culture. A lot of times working in healthcare IT can be stressful and overwhelming, but it never gets that way working with my Galen team! 

What has been most unexpected about working here? 

This is pretty unique to the COVID-19 situation, but I’m a little surprised every day how much I miss my commute and officemates. Even the fish. 

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