Galen Healthcare Solutions Recognized by KLAS in 2020 Technical Services Report for Breadth, Versatility, & Experience; Balancing Price & Performance

Galen Healthcare Solutions Recognized by KLAS in 2020 Technical Services Report for Breadth, Versatility, & Experience; Balancing Price & Performance

Galen Healthcare Solutions has again earned several of the most complimentary observations and highest ratings in a KLAS report. For its review of Technical Services 2020, KLAS noted the fast pace of EMR adoption and how it has created a wealth of electronically captured healthcare data. But to optimize this data for patient care and provider collaboration, the report says there must exist a “broad range of technical skills” that can “convert data and integrate clinical applications, analytics tools, and other platforms.” In examining the expertise, depth, and breadth of services involved in the implementation of infrastructure and applications, the KLAS report’s interviewees praised Galen in particular for its work in support of EMR platforms and for its efforts on behalf of both large and small systems.

The breadth and versatility of Galen’s technical services is one of the areas in which the report says Galen excels: “Of all the firms in this research, Galen Healthcare covers the most ground in terms of the technical services they deliver and the number of HIT platforms they have experience with.

And, according to the clients interviewed, Galen is appreciated for the experience it “has accumulated, which enables them to understand potential for pitfalls and how to work around them.

A key component of Galen’s high grades is the quality of its staff and its commitment to be involved. “Clients say that Galen’s consultants are highly responsive, returning calls immediately when necessary. If consultants are unable to resolve an issue, they are quick to locate other Galen resources who can.” But, says one Galen client, “It is very rare that something is out of the consultant’s expertise.

Earlier this year, Galen was honored as the 2020 Best in KLAS Category Leader for HIT Implementation Leadership (small). This expertise is grounded on years of involvement with an array of health systems, from many of the largest to some that are smaller. In fact, KLAS says Galen is the “only firm in the report with a sizable number of clinics in their sample.” For all these systems though, Galen “provides implementation services and SaaS-based data archiving for clients changing IT systems, along with broad technical services with a strong focus on data migration and interfacing.

The conclusions in the report were reached after KLAS conducted thousands of interviews; while KLAS has been gathering client feedback on the technical services market for many years, this is its first report dedicated to technical services.

The report is sensitive to the costs and risks associated with the work of technical services firms. Consistency is therefore a high priority. Respondents frequently mentioned Galen’s stellar service, good communication and project scoping, its commitment and proactive approach, the company’s strong account management, and its large pool of experts. The direct testimony Galen received from those interviewed for this report was particularly satisfying. One, speaking of the breadth and conscientiousness displayed by Galen, says, “We keep Galen Healthcare on retainer, so we can use them when we have a project. For example, we use them to help with interfaces or to figure out how get a report out of our EMR. Our sales representative calls me periodically and checks in to provide updates. If I have a question, the sales representative provides solutions and options” or refers us to a technical person who judges the feasibility of a request.

Galen’s large pool of highly skilled staff is also greatly appreciated for the way they maintain relationships with their clients. “I feel really comfortable with our account leader from Galen Healthcare,” says one CIO. “I can reach out to that person whenever and” receive the concern and reassurances that keep us satisfied. “That goes a long way. Our relationship is like a partnership and friendship. I trust them to do the right thing.

Finally, it’s important to acknowledge how time-sensitive and urgent many of these technical assignments can be. They must be handled efficiently, correctly, and with as little disruption as possible to the organization’s routines. Here’s what one project manager had to say about Galen:

Our organization has worked with Galen Healthcare on several projects. Whenever we have needed something done, Galen Healthcare has always been very responsive, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable…the back-office support is incredible…Their team always made sure that we were clear on what was to be done, the timelines and anything that could impact the timelines. Galen Healthcare was careful to explain possible obstacles down the road. Because of their experience, it helped us to have Galen Healthcare as a partner; they had seen the same situation before. Galen’s Healthcare experience helped us to prepare for some things that came up that we wouldn’t have anticipated otherwise. Overall, Galen is a great company to work with.

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