This Week in Health IT Coronavirus Prep – Anshul Pande, CTO, Stanford Children’s Health

This Week in Health IT Coronavirus Prep – Anshul Pande, CTO, Stanford Children’s Health

Galen is a proud sponsor of This Week in Health IT, a podcast for healthcare leaders to discuss the news, leadership, and emerging thought in Health IT.

As part of its Coronavirus Prep series, This Week in Health IT speaks to CIOs & CMIOs to discuss what they are doing and can be doing to prepare for COVID-19 in their communities. Special thanks to series sponsor and Galen partner, Sirius Healthcare.

In our own blog series, we will be providing our top takeaways from those conversations with the intent of spreading best practices among Health IT and healthcare delivery organizations to prepare for the anticipated surge in demand for care due to COVID-19.

Next up is Anshul Pande, CTO, Stanford Children’s Health.

Top Takeaways:

  • Ensure enough internet pipe, Citrix & VPN capacity to handle the volume of the majority of staff working from home; increased the VPN capacity by 10x on and CITRIX capacity by 2-3x. In terms of the VPN, there was enough horsepower in the data center to handle VPN scale, it was more of a licensing challenge.
  • Establish a command center to handle all communication of the potential changes we have to make to the EHR with a separate IS command center running just like it is during a go-live to support the command center as requests come in to change the system.
  • Make the first point of triage a telehealth visit to avoid symptomatic patients showing up to a clinic or a hospital. Based on that, its decided whether the patient presents at a drive-through clinic for a COVID-19 test or sent to the ER to be taken care of.
  • Deploy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The build and applications were already packaged up so they could be delivered anywhere remotely. It was just a matter of ensuring capacity wasn’t outstripped.
  • On the adult hospital side, to get wireless to a drive through testing site, the existing wireless network was extended from buildings which are pretty close to hospitals and putting an external access point.

Full Interview:

This Week in Health IT is also collecting resources and links designed to help health systems respond to and inform their communities around the Coronavirus. Visit their COVID-19 Resources for Health Systems page.

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