Legacy RCM System Retirement: Expediting A/R Liquidation & Cash Acceleration

Legacy RCM System Retirement: Expediting A/R Liquidation & Cash Acceleration

A critical component of legacy system retirement is how outstanding Accounts Receivables (A/R) are handled. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations must weigh collection of outstanding A/R reconciliation when replacing legacy systems. Important components of success include: providing a cost-effective alternative to working post-sunset A/R with limited disruption to staff, users, and patients, ensuring cash collections remain at or exceed current performance, allowing revenue cycle leadership to focus on successful implementation and training of the new system, and expediting the legacy system retirement. Healthcare organizations face unique requirements when it comes to retiring RCM & PA systems. In this webinar, we present the various approaches to preparing for A/R for conversion, outlining acceleration/liquidation strategies to protect cash flow and avoid financial catastrophe.

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