HIT Like a Girl Podcast: Kelly Del Gaudio, Principal Consultant

HIT Like a Girl Podcast: Kelly Del Gaudio, Principal Consultant

The HIT Like a Girl podcast is a space for ladies working in health IT to speak their mind, share their ideas, and boast a little about their accomplishments and contributions, interruption-free. In this episode, Kelly Del Gaudio, Principal Consultant, is interviewed by the HIT Like a Girl team of Joy Rios and Robin Roberts, and advises women looking for careers in #healthIT to find their professional cheerleaders.

Kelly has more than 13 years of industry experience working with MEDITECH acute and ambulatory systems. She focuses heavily on EMR optimization and in likely the truest sense of the word, she is a hacker.

She hacks everything that’s hard and makes it easier for herself, friends and now her customers. Through the years she’s gotten pretty good at coming up with unique solutions to complex or near unsolvable problems.

EnginuITy is a product she created that solves many complex workflow issues for MEDITECH customers and takes the burden off their IT staff. She and her coworkers at Galen Healthcare are helping nurses, doctors, coders, quality departments, pharmacists, ancillary care providers, and billing departments increase productivity, revenue, and EMR satisfaction while simultaneously implementing well researched and designed best practice protocols that provide clinical decision support and enhance patient safety.

Links And Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

To learn more, download the MEDITECH Rules Setup Guide to start leveraging rules to optimize use of the MEDITECH EMR. Please contact us with any questions or feedback. 

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