#IAmGalen: Amber Gulotta, Associate Consultant

#IAmGalen: Amber Gulotta, Associate Consultant

What originally drew you to Galen/what was your first impression?

A family member who works at a company that is a client of Galen’s recommended I apply and informed me of their great experience with Galen. I came in for an informational interview and the group was very friendly and personable, but unfortunately they were not hiring at the time. To my surprise I was contacted about 6 months later with a job offer as an Associate Consultant. I think that’s when I realized how special the company is. It honestly felt like I was catching up with an old friend. I was informed about all the new things going on with VitalCenter Online Archival, and invited to a company training session for the product in Burlington. Next thing I knew, I was on a flight out there and spent a few days really diving into the product and getting to meet a lot of the staff. I remember feeling very fortunate and also very nervous. I think at that point, Galen had more confidence in my abilities than I really did myself.

What does your job entail, and what is the one thing you hope to do in it this role?

I work with clients and our technical resources to Implement Vital Center Online Archival (VCO-A) into their organizations. This entails following project timelines, validating systems, educating resources on the product and the validation processes, ensuring issues are found and resolved, and overall ensuring a seamless implementation for the client. I hope to make the processes we use as efficient and useful as possible. Our product documentation makes a big difference in how well the clients understands VCO-A. As such, I’m committed to continually keep these up to date and make modifications to fully engage and educate the users. I’m also dedicated to being a trusted resource both internally and for our clients.

What was your background prior to joining Galen? 

I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2016 with a Health Science major. Originally I thought I was going to be a Physical Therapist, but after some work in the clinical environment decided it wasn’t for me. I had a couple internships and side jobs while I was in school on top of the many campus organizations I was involved with. At UroPartners, I took all of their paper charts and manually input them into their Allscripts system. This was my first experience with EHRs and the first realization I had at the impact they have. I worked with SafeKids organizing and holding community outreach events as well as some fundraising for the nonprofit. After graduating I worked as an Administrative Assistant for Urologists at Northwestern Hospital. There, I was doing work within Epic, as well as scheduling, research, travel planning, expenses, conference/speaker organization, etc. I started working at Galen in October of 2017.

What has been most unexpected about working here?

Something I didn’t expect was to befriend some of the coworkers that I have. At Galen everyone brings something to the table and we are all so different, but similar in the way that we are accepting of people and open to different ideologies. We’re all each other’s biggest supporters, and I think because of that everyone comes to work with a positive attitude. It’s nice to have those moments throughout the day to not be so serious and just enjoy each other.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

Everyone you talk to here is a genuine person and really has the clients best interest at heart. We really do have some of the best and brightest. We continually take feedback to improve our products and processes and aim to make lasting connections with our clients.

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