MUSE Product Showcase: ENGINUITY for MEDITECH 6.x+/Expanse: Rule Driven Clinical Decision Support

MUSE Product Showcase: ENGINUITY for MEDITECH 6.x+/Expanse: Rule Driven Clinical Decision Support

Missed our ENGINUITY Product Showcase session at MUSE Inspire 2018? Fret not, as we will be offering a free webinar to MUSE members on July 10, 2018 from 1PM to 2PM EST. Join us to see what all the hype is about!

Rules are by far the most efficient way to optimize your MEDITECH system without the added overhead of switching platforms, EHR vendors, or integrating best of breed solutions into your enterprise EMR. Rules (as attributes, reports, and macros did in previous platforms) can take an adequately designed system and turn it into a highly functioning clinical decision support machine.

During this webinar, Galen’s Principal Consultant, Kelly Del Gaudio teams up with Chris Neumann and Anne Domanski from Valley Health System in Ridgewood, NJ. Chris, Anne and Kelly will walk you through some of the Rule Driven content available within Galen’s ENGINUITY solution highlighting measurable improvements Valley Health has realized since implementation. Some highlights include:

  • Problem Drivers (Rules that evaluate the patient problem list and add, suggest, order or trigger based on the patient’s condition)
  • Risk Stratification Tools and Clinical Calculators
  • VTE/DVT Workflow Compliance (Projected compliance rate is 90%+)
  • Manage Transfer Guidance
  • 2018 PDOC CMS Coding Guide
  • TPN Calculator Module for Premix and Custom
  • Template/Order Set embedded bidirectional checks (If problem is added, queue order set/ if order set is ordered, reminder to update problem list)
  • Meaningful Use Core Measures and CDI initiatives

Valley Health System has been a long term MEDITECH customer who is a shining example of excellence in patient care, safety, and quality. Always looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of ever-changing government mandates, Galen ENGINUITY was Valley’s obvious partner for clinical optimization.

Join us on Tuesday, July 10th from 1-2PM EST to learn:
• How your organization can benefit from the unique power of the MEDITECH Rules Engine.
• How to meet measures, mandates and increase organizational compliance through Rule driven workflows.
• How Valley Health System teamed up with Galen Healthcare Solutions to tackle some of the most unique challenges 6.x/6.1+/Expanse customers face.

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