Expert Panel: Beyond Import/Export – Holistic Data Migration Approaches

Expert Panel: Beyond Import/Export – Holistic Data Migration Approaches

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To the uninformed, getting your data from here to there is a simple proposition, but for those in the know — those who will be responsible for the task — it’s a huge challenge. With interoperability far from where it should be, moving data (especially the unstructured variety) is an exercise fraught with pitfalls leaving the uninitiated in a very precarious position. In this webinar we’ll put you in a stronger state by hearing from those who’ve managed real world, live and significant application-to-application data transitions. You’ll learn not just the technical solutions of how to move data cleanly, but tips around preparation, training and go-live that will ensure your users also brave the journey unscathed.

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Perpetually Learn & Share, it’s one of our 5 Main Things. We’re sharing a recording of the webcast along with the slides used.  Make sure to check out our roster of future webcasts here!

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