Best Practices for Connecting to the HIE and Incorporating Capabilities into EHR Workflows

Best Practices for Connecting to the HIE and Incorporating Capabilities into EHR Workflows

Presented at the 2018 MN e-Health Summit by: Cody Johansen, HIE Services Manager, Utah Health Information Network & Justin Campbell, Vice President, Galen Healthcare Solutions 

Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows health care providers to access and share a patient’s medical information securely and electronically, providing a unified view of patient data across health care organizations. HIE enhances clinicians’ workflow and their ability to connect, coordinate, and collaborate on patient care quickly and easily. However, health care organizations frequently struggle with last-mile connectivity from their clinical system of record to the receiving system and incorporating HIE capabilities into EHR workflows. This session will provide a framework for successful HIE onboarding including data access, conformance testing & validation, as well as share strategies for implementing HIE capabilities at the point of care. This session will also introduce the concept of Patient Centered Data Home and illustrate how the exchange of information utilizing the PCDH model is a cost-effective, scalable solution to assuring real-time clinical data is available whenever and wherever care occurs to improve the quality of care.


About Cody Johansen

Cody Johansen serves as Director of Operations at UHIN, an HIE and clearinghouse.  His experience working with all levels of healthcare has helped him bridge the gap between healthcare and technology. He enjoys making the most complete information available to clinicians when treating patients. He holds a BS in Biology from BYU and an MPH in Health Services Operations from SDSU, where he was awarded the American Medical International Award and Foster G. McGaw Scholarship.

About Justin Campbell

Justin is responsible for market intelligence and competitive strategy at Galen Healthcare Solutions. Justin has been consulting in Health IT for over 10 years, guiding clients in the implementation, integration and optimization of clinical systems. He has been on the front lines of system replacement & data migration and is passionate about advancing interoperability in healthcare and harnessing analytical insights to realize improvements in patient care. Justin is author of the Health IT CIO Perspectives series and can be found on Twitter at @TJustinCampbell and LinkedIn.

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