#IAmGalen: Susan Gambino, Consultant

#IAmGalen: Susan Gambino, Consultant

SusanGambinoWhat was your background prior to joining Galen?

Before joining Galen I worked in the healthcare world for almost 20 years. I began my career in the HIM department, eventually working my way up to practice administration of a federally qualified health center multi-specialty practice with an emphasis on residency training for under-served communities. Being able to help patients navigate through the healthcare system can be a struggle and I felt like I was a concierge for them to meet their healthcare needs. Transitioning into the health IT sector was a challenging decision. I knew that the future is in technology and being able to build or teach in a way that impacts patient safety is a huge win. When I made my move into working with the software it was eye-opening to witness how technology aids providers and nurses to reduce errors in treatment. Checks and balances can be tedious but also highly beneficial.

Please tell us about your experience in working with EHRs. 

I have gone through the paper transition to Epic, through joint commission preparation and on site inspections, emergency preparedness training conducted by NYC Department of Health to create the organizations policy and training program. I joined a multi-modality Orthopedic practice that was just starting our on Allscripts and worked directly with the Director of HIM and the 2 IT managers to assist in the building, implementation, training and support of over 245 end users. Following that I worked with a multi-specialty hospital outpatient practices to implement Allscripts, and was part of the building process for all the practices for their personalized notes, for go lives, and on going support. I have also consulted for another hospital working directly with their Allscripts security team building all new users, maintaining provider accounts and training reports.

What originally drew you to Galen/what was your first impression?

Galen’s reputation in the business was what drew me to them. Any time Galen came up it was always with praise and pride to have worked with them or for them. The culture is by far the biggest benefit of the company, feeling like your company cares about you as a person. Galen is easy to relate to and that is something more companies should try to achieve.

What does your day-to-day job involve and why are you passionate about it?

It really depends on the day……isn’t that with any job? As most people in the workforce today, we all have to deal with the deadlines, meetings, and never ending conference calls. However, within each of these tasks there is a time of growth for myself or the client. Watching someone as everything just clicks is amazing. They may not remember my name in 5 years, but they will remember how I made them feel while learning. Each client leaves a lasting impression. As a consultant, the client is in the driver seat, and their needs vary. For instance, if they request training, I learn the workflows of the office in order to translate into the electronic world, highlighting things that need additional detail. Some days find me building within the application (that is the fun part); other times I am working a help desk putting out fires so providers and support staff can do what they do best serve the patient. What I love about consulting is that no 2 days are exactly the same!

What’s the one thing you hope to achieve in your role?
As with anything worth doing I hope to create positive change. Often clients appreciate a fresh set of eyes that can help identify areas of improvement to increase productivity, patient safety as well as give them a return on investment.

What do you like about the culture here?
Hmmmm……there are so many aspects of the culture that are amazing. However the sense of unity even across the different teams is fascinating. I know that no matter what time of the day or night I can reach out to anyone for guidance and support without judgment.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

I’m an avid reader, an organizer and a self proclaimed “inspirer.” I hope to help others begin to know their true selves and motivate them to be the best version of them possible.

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