Legacy EMR Support Resources

Legacy EMR Support Resources

When a HCO considers outsourcing any portion of their IT operation, there are many unknowns and considerations to assess. An ideal HIT service provider can offer coordinated, broad-ranging integrated services—a one-stop-shop for support. This way your practice only interacts with a single point of contact that addresses the needs and personality of the practice, and offers a tailored package of options. There isn’t a need to go “shopping” for a variety of vendors, and have your staff spend most of their time trying to coordinate differing and even conflicting service providers.

The need for outsourced EMR support is especially pronounced when replacing EMRs. HCOs need to continue to support and maintain their legacy system during the EMR transition, but also desire to ensure their staff are able to focus on the implementation of the new EMR. Making the decision to outsource legacy application support affords HCOs the ability to obtain flexibility in staffing and enable seamless adoption of the new system.

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