Top 4 Legacy EMR Support Partner Evaluation Criteria

Top 4 Legacy EMR Support Partner Evaluation Criteria

Over 50 firms were rated in the KLAS Report: Implementation Services 2017. How then does a healthcare delivery organization (HDO) decide which vendor is the best fit for providing legacy EMR support as they transition to a new EMR? In examining which firms provide the best value for HIT Implementation Support and Staffing, KLAS found that consistently exceeding expectations drives provider success.

In a market segment flooded with high-performing firms, those that consistently hit deadlines and deliver quality resources are best at helping providers succeed. Galen Healthcare Solutions customers consistently receive high value and quality resources. Galen consultants are proactive in offering assistance beyond their original scope.

Diving deeper, what considerations should HDOs address when choosing a partner for their next implementation project? These are the top impressions gleaned from the report:

  • When considering firms for go-live support, it’s important to ask if they are supporting concurrent go-lives with multiple clients. KLAS has found that it is logistically hard to execute & ensure availability of resources. Their findings indicate projects are less successful when the vendor is supporting multiple parallel go-lives.
  • To prevent dissatisfaction with staff augmentation support, you should have an upfront and candid conversation with your vendor partner to make sure they understand your needs & are the right fit – especially from a culture, communication, and resource quality perspective.
  • Providers expect implementation firms to offer formal training along with the implementation of solutions, so they are able to become self-sufficient.

Finally, appreciating the considerations that must be taken into account, how do HDOs then select a partner that will best meet their needs? Below are the evaluation criteria from one of our clients recent RFP (each equally weighted).

  1. Service and reliability
  2. Economic feasibility
  3. Proven track record
  4. Company stability

At Galen, our culture, philosophy and success is based upon empowering our customers and our employees through transparency, education, knowledge sharing, hard work and service excellence. Our staff combines operational and consulting expertise with strong application proficiency required to ensure that our clients are provided with the best portfolio of experience, resources and approach in meeting their ever-growing scope of challenges.  Our overall approach leverages our experience and successes during all phases of clinical application support.

Legacy EMR Support Vendor Evaluation

Galen’s legacy application support service success stems from our understanding of the complex transaction data sets and the unique, dynamic clinician interactions that characterize effective healthcare organization operations. Our services are designed to be scalable, with operations methodology, process efficiencies and best practices that can translate across a wide range of healthcare provider sizes.  We have managed hundreds of client’s production support and upgrades, and these engagements have helped us develop an extensive library of best practices that allow us to solve IT problems proactively rather than reactively. All of these benefits allow healthcare organizations to turn their focus back where it belongs – patient care.

Learn more about considerations, best practices, and lessons learned via the below legacy EMR support resources

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