Health IT 2017 YIR & 2018 Predictions Roundup

Health IT 2017 YIR & 2018 Predictions Roundup

The New Year provides an opportune time to reflect on the previous year and take stock of HealthIT news, trends, accomplishments, and takeaways. It also serves as a fitting time to make predictions about what is in store for the coming year. We surveyed the major HealthIT news outlets for their year in review and top predictions for 2018:

HIStalk: The 20 Most Important Health IT Takeaways of 2017

  1. Hospital Consolidation Ran Amok, Benefiting Cerner and Epic
  2. Ambulatory Vendors Faced Reduced Post-MU Demand
  3. Value-Based Care Sounded Good, But Had Minimal Impact
  4. The Press Exposed Questionable Business Practices
  5. ONC Was Mostly Irrelevant

Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review: 2017, the year that was: 10 things for healthcare executives to note as they head into 2018

  1. Disruption got real.
  2. Hospital-insurer negotiations heated up
  3. Investments in value-based care, once a somewhat safe bet, became debatable
  4. Big systems want bigger
  5. Many health systems that were new players in the health plan business got out of it

Chilmark Research: Back to the Crystal Ball: Our 2018 Healthcare IT Market Predictions

  1. Merger & acquisition activity continues; Humana or Cigna acquired
  2. Retail health clinics grow rapidly, accounting for 5 percent of primary care encounters
  3. Apple buys a telehealth vendor
  4. Sixty percent of ACOs struggle to break even
  5. Every major EHR vendor delivers some level of FHIR support, but write access has to wait until 2019

Fierce Healthcare: 2017 Year in Review: A digital health boom, cyberattacks and navigating health IT’s awkward teenage years

  1. Telehealth digs in, but reimbursement is still elusive
  2. Two global cyberattacks underscore healthcare’s vulnerabilities
  3. EHRs enter the legal fray
  4. Digital health investment is up, and the tech giants are here to play
  5. Speaking of digital health, the FDA had quite a year

healthsystemCIO: Predictions for 2018: Our Future is Bright

  1. Cybersecurity will continue to get increasing focus and investment, by necessity
  2. The shift to value-based payments, mergers and acquisitions, and the volume of data being collected will fuel activities which fall into the general category of analytics
  3. Organized data will fuel the analytics engines which will be used to help manage population health
  4. Blockchain technology which began in 2009 has been promoted for healthcare with great fanfare
  5. AI (artificial intelligence) will disrupt many roles more quickly than might have otherwise been imagined

HIT Consultant: 10 Trends You Can Expect from Healthcare in 2018

  1. The future of the GOP Healthcare bill
  2. The ongoing shift to value from volume
  3. Big data and analytics translating data into real health outcomes
  4. Blockchain-based systems
  5. AI and IoT taking on a central role

In terms of our own predictions, we took the opportunity to reflect on the past year and review the major happenings in the industry via a recent complimentary webinar. Instead of prognosticating what 2018 will hold, we offered practical initiatives that should be focal areas for healthcare delivery organizations in 2018. We compiled insights gleaned from our market research conducted through attending industry conferences, gathering healthcare executive perspectives, and observing what is occurring in practice, to distill the key areas of focus for 2018.

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