#IAmGalen: Eric Rainville, Associate Software Engineer

#IAmGalen: Eric Rainville, Associate Software Engineer

EricRainvilleWhat was your background prior to joining Galen?

I studied Mathematics and Linguistics at UVM, until I discovered a passion for computers during an IBM internship. I became fascinated by how technology works, from basic circuits to virtual reality software. This past year, I completed the Software Engineering Immersive at Fullstack Academy in New York City, which is an intense four-month bootcamp in server- and client-side web development.

What originally drew you to Galen/what was your first impression?

I was looking for a mid-size company, where I could make a real contribution and learn from experienced coworkers. I met some of the team through a Burlington developer message board, and found the excitement, devotion, and sense of ownership that is so important for making good software. Working on a new project was also appealing, as it provides more interesting challenges than maintaining a legacy application.

What does your job entail, and what is the one thing you hope to do in it this role?

I primarily work on our front-end application for VCO. I’ve also been building an automated testing suite, which is effectively a robot that acts like a human user and looks for bugs in our application. Each day I get to solve a new puzzle, and front-end work means you and your clients can see the results of each success. Building out features, while balancing user experience, business and legal requirements, and technical limitations, is a delightful challenge. I hope to continue improving my skills and knowledge, and help build a product that stands out.

What has been most unexpected about working here?

The amount of time and effort everyone puts in. It’s wonderful to be part of a company where people are dedicated and take pride in their shared accomplishment.

Anything else you’d like people to know?

I’ve performed in several musicals with local theater groups like Lyric Theatre and Stowe Theatre Guild, mostly in the chorus and supporting roles. One of my favorite things about theater, and living in Vermont, is the sense of community and collaboration, and I’ve found that same mentality here at Galen.

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