Health IT 2017 Year in Review & 2018 Blueprint For Success

Health IT 2017 Year in Review & 2018 Blueprint For Success

The next installment in Galen's complimentary educational webcast series

In the ever-changing and fast-paced world of healthcare IT, there can be a lot to keep up with. As 2017 wraps up and we look towards 2018, we take the opportunity to review the major happenings in the industry this past year, and explore key focal areas for the next.

We’ll examine topics critical to the success of Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDOs) including:

  • Application Portfolio Rationalization – Data Migration & Archival
  • Patient Engagement through Telehealth & Telemedicine
  • Clinician Engagement, Satisfaction, and Data-Driven Clinical Optimization
  • Clinical Decision Support – Syndromic Surveillance, Sepsis Prevention
  • Quality Payment Programs – Medicare Advantage, HCC & PCMH
  • Interoperability – HIE, APIs, Patient Identity & Matching

This webinar will provide a blueprint to assist healthcare information technology stakeholders in understanding key issues affecting the healthcare industry.  Attendees will gain insightful resources and analysis of the healthcare information technology landscape in 2018.

IDC Health Insights predicts, in their new report “Worldwide Health Industry 2018 Predictions,” that by the end of 2020, 25% of data used in medical care will be collected and shared with health systems by the patients themselves. Frost & Sullivan’s experts are predicting another year of big disruptions, transformations and innovations as the healthcare industry continues to overhaul outmoded business models.

The overall consensus seems to be that 2018 will be a tipping point for mainstream adoption of popular digital health solutions. All predictions point towards a progressing digital economy. Mutaz Shegewi, research director, provider IT transformation strategies, at IDC Health Insights, says:

“Whether it’s through the mastery of working with patient-generated data, blockchain , real-world evidence, etc., it will all come down to an organization’s ability to digitally transform early that will make it more than likely to thrive, than merely survive, in the future.”

Missed the webcast? We’ve got you covered!

We’re sharing a recording of the webcast, along with the slides use. Perpetually Learn & Share, it’s one of our 5 Main Things. And be sure to check out our roster of future web webcasts here.

Webcast Recording


What are your predictions? What were you organizations biggest accomplishments in 2017? Comment below, or contact us with any questions on how you best be prepared for 2018:

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