Top 10 Impressions from CHIME17 FALL CIO FORUM

Top 10 Impressions from CHIME17 FALL CIO FORUM

The CHIME17 Fall CIO Forum took place in at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa in San Antonio, Texas. With over 1000 attendees, this year’s agenda  included a compelling program of dynamic keynote speakers and education sessions, with a new series of Clinical Informatics track sessions. These track sessions were particularly insightful, as presenters shared linchpin, data-driven, EMR productivity & clinical engagement tactics used to address application disenchantment, and burnout. Below, we share our top impressions from the event.

1. CIOs are increasingly dedicating more time and energy towards optimizing their systems rather than implementing them.

2. State of healthcare CIO: No more systems; do want solutions; security is still a concern; analytics is a challenge; CIOs are stressed; turnover is still high; holding on vs embracing change.

3. We are living in digital feudalism, where people generate data, but do not own it nor benefit from it.

4. Role of healthcare CIO is evolving from tech champion to the person that holds the organization together.

5. Automated sepsis detection capabilities are increasingly being adopted by HDOs.

6. Communication is critically important to EMR optimization when leveraging an agile development methodology.

7. Stress can be positive and can be harnessed.

8. Physician productivity & satisfaction pro tip – Locate the training room across from the physician lounge.

9. Data-driven approach to clinician satisfaction, engagement & (re-) training lead to better outcomes

10. IT staff rounding is critically important to gain perspective and improve relationships with clinicians.

If you would like to participate in the CHIME CIO Interview series, or would like to learn more about our Strategic Advisory services, please contact us.

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