CHIME CIO Interview Series 2017

CHIME CIO Interview Series 2017

What are healthcare’s CIOs leading initiatives today? What’s top of mind for them?  These are the questions we sought to answer when we started our CHIME CIO Interview Series. We’ve featured the largest public HIE in the nation, an interim CIO who recently started her own advisory firm, an academic medical center with a payer organization, and many other unique industry leaders. Here are some of the notable insights we’ve gathered through the CHIME CIO Interview Series 2017:

“A critically important public value is giving the residents of New York access to their data. It’s something that we’ve taken multiple actions to deliver through APIs available to any of our participants that wish to tap into Healthix, so that they’re patient portals can make the data available for patients.” – Todd Rogow, CHCIO, Senior VP & CIO, Healthix

“My approach, or my philosophy, that I’ve used in working with HDOs, is when you’re adding new components, you first start with the core vendor: can the core vendor do it today? Is it on their roadmap? Will they be able to do it, say in the next 12-18 months, or is it not even a thought of theirs?” – Sue Schade, Principal, StarBridge Advisors, LLC

“Most providers are still thinking in a fee for service mindset, where they’re looking at maximizing the volume of patients treated. If what is being provided for them adds time and effort to the treatment of the patient, there’s going to be a resistance. Integrate what you’re doing into the workflow of the provider so that it works somewhat seamlessly or causes minimal disruption to what is already a busy workflow.” – Paul Brannan, Alabama Health Information Technology Coordinator, Alabama Medicaid Agency

“That’s what drove our selection process for the next six months or so of 2014. We looked at the options including Epic, Cerner, McKesson, and MEDITECH. We made the doctors a part of that process and solicited their feedback. We also solicited input from all the other departments that it would affect.” – David Parker, CIO/VP of IT, Magnolia Regional Health Center

“I think any move of this magnitude is both exciting and challenging. Our providers are looking at this thoughtfully and are actively involved in it, but we’ll know more when we get into training and go-live. I’ve been through enough of these to know that everything looks good in a demo and you need to get through the first couple of weeks before you figure out what have been the great wins and what have been the challenges that you didn’t appreciate until you got there.” – Dr. R. Hal Baker, Sr. VP Clinical Improvement & CIO, WellSpan Health

The common factor in our CHIME CIO Interview Series: The 2017 CHIME Fall CIO Forum. The Forum provides valuable education programming, tailored specifically to meet the needs of CIOs and other healthcare IT executives. It’s a great opportunity to discuss any and everything about healthcare IT with fellow thought leaders and industry luminaries. Check out this years featured discussions & speakers here. So, what brings these industry leaders to CHIME every year?


“The content of the program is extremely relevant, and it’s engaging and useful. There’s hardly a CHIME event that I don’t come back with something that I can either implement or use in my organization. I sit on the CHCIO Exam Review Panel and recently agreed to serve as a CHIME Ambassador – these are testaments to the value I place on my membership.” – Robert Napoli, SVP, CIO, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands


“It helps to talk to peers. Word of mouth is very powerful. Someone else has lived through it, they can provide the good, the bad, the ugly, and whether it’s worth it. In a sales process, you typically only get the good, you really don’t know the potential pitfalls until you encounter them. I think it’s extremely important to network with colleagues and attending the CHIME forums is a wonderful place to do that.” – Brian Sterud, CHCIO, FACHE, VP of IT/CIO, Faith Regional Health Services


“CHIME has developed a very strong advocacy voice for the world of healthcare IT. They represent our interests and needs extremely well and in a pragmatic way. They bring some of our experienced and senior members in close contact with the people who are setting up and crafting the legislation and regulations, so they can realize what will not work and why, or if there is a better way to go.” – Rich Pollack, VP & CIO, VCU Health System


“The thing that differentiates CHIME from organizations like HIMSS, for instance, is that with HIMSS, I sit at a table with engineers, folks from telecom, people from different disciplines, whereas with CHIME, I sit down with all CIOs, and I know a lot of them very well. I only get to see my good friends once or twice a year, and it is vital to collaborate with them and gain their perspective and opinion.” – Charles Christian, VP, Technology & Engagement, Indiana Health Information Exchange

View the full CHIME CIO Interview Series here, originally published on Health IT & mHealth

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