Top 15 Impressions from the Inaugural Chilmark Convergence Conference

Top 15 Impressions from the Inaugural Chilmark Convergence Conference

This past Thursday and Friday, we had the opportunity to attend the inaugural Chilmark Convergence conference, a two-day event designed to bring together senior executives from across the healthcare sector to discuss and learn about the latest trends in provider-payer convergence strategies and the underlying technologies to support them. The event held true to its name, bringing together thought leaders and innovators representing employers, payers, public and private HIEs, EHR & PHM vendors, providers, patients, venture capitalists, and investors.

Convergence is a thesis that posits the successful path to risk-adjusted care requires realignment in provider-payer relations – that neither provider nor payer will truly be successful without the core competencies of the other.

Chilmark Convergence highlighted challenges and opportunities for all stakeholders to prosper in the evolving landscape. Chilmark Research identified early movers in the community to share their stories as leaders and participants in the evolving healthcare landscape. This was interspersed with insights from the research team and guided discussion sessions, highlighting opportunities for success in this new paradigm. Questions posed and addressed during the event included:

  • What does successful convergence look like for payer, provider, employer, and patient?
  • What new opportunities can a convergence strategy present to each organization and the population they serve?
  • How can you develop trust between organizations to open up communication?
  • What are current points of friction hindering progress, and how can they be overcome?
  • Where are current technology gaps impeding effective convergence strategies?
  • What are the positive and negative impacts on workflow? How does an organization plan for net-positive change?

Below are the top takeaways and impressions from the event:

1. The first rule of data governance: There is no single strategy for data governance.

2. “Meet patient where they’re motivated. Plan incentives tied to their interests and emotional triggers” -Aetna’s Dr. Loveman

3. HIE Reward or penalize based on cleanliness of data. Analytics are packaged in to ADT transaction. -Tim Pletcher, MiHIN

4. “Scale of the challenge often warrants building new vs evolving existing capabilities.” – Alastair Bell, EVP & COO, Boston Medical Center

5. Split analytics & care  management solution used at Boston Medical Center. Points to need for analytics that can serve a) both payers and providers and b) organizations that serve Medicaid populations.

6. Free advice to digital health firms: Providers address top 1-3% of patients themselves – but want help with next 3-10%.

7. Full capabilities of app-enabled health going to be held back w/o unique way to identify and verify patients across products.

8. More partial payments & lack of payment w/ move 2 higher deductible plan

9. Trust index from ThinkRevive honesty fairness, reliability etc Payer-Provider rating

10. People in healthcare can’t spend the dime up front even though they know they can make a dollar. Creativity of return-on-investment is needed.

11. Employer sponsor insurance must get more involved in health of employee; insert between patient & provider

12. VC investors are often wrong, but never in doubt. We need to admit to there is a plethora of dirty data in HealthIT.

13. Need to close the gap from the board room to the exam room and understand perspectives of front line primary care physicians.

14. Healthcare Information Technology reality: Huge departments focused on improving coding, but small departments focused on improving clinical quality.

Lots of mandates, but biggest limiter is pace of change with primary care model.

In summary, the event proved to be invaluable in fostering discussion and collaboration for entities across the healthcare spectrum and facilitating sharing of lessons learned from organizations that have truly embraced convergence. Kudos to the Chilmark Research team for orchestrating and executing a flawless conference. We look forward to next years conference, and in the meantime will leverage research reports to navigate the converging healthcare space.

For future Chilmark Research reports, check out their website! If you’re interested in how you can pursue and apply convergence in your organization,  visit our website, or contact us below:

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