#IAmGalen: Advice for Healthcare IT Consultants

#IAmGalen: Advice for Healthcare IT Consultants

With an average of 10 years experience in the field, our healthcare IT consultants have a lot of advice to give. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking for some peer wisdom, here’s what our consultants had to say:

Be honest. It’s much easier to say you’re not sure and find out than to walk back an incorrect statement you made. The client will appreciate your willingness to be unsure and come back with the answer a lot more than having to fix an issue caused by pretending to know something you aren’t confident about.

– Logan Cate, Technical Consultant


At every client I have worked for, the solution to most IT related problems & the 1st question IT techs ask: ‘Can you reboot your machine?’  or ‘did you reboot your machine yet?’  

Tyler Yoder, Senior Consultant

Make sure learning stays fun, and give yourself time to focus and think deeply on complicated subjects requiring more brain power.  Build relationships with your clients and your colleagues.  The HIT space is a small world.  You never know when you will be working with someone again.

 – Evan Lea, Senior Technical Consultant


It is important to remember that end-users don’t know what to ask for if they don’t know it exists. Our job is to leverage the system to add efficiencies to their workflows. If you see a provider is manually calculating the same thing visit to visit, see if the system can do the calculation for them and pull it into their note. 

Julia Snapp, Managing Consultant

Always be available to their client during business hours. When on a contract and at a client site, make sure you arrive with enough time before business hours to get setup and ready to go.   If on a contract and working remote, always make sure the client can contact you during those hours.  Make sure your billable hours equate to the work you have done.  Working remote is nice, but you do have to be self-disciplined. 

-Kathryn Halliwill, Consultant


You’ll kill it out there if you adhere as much as you can to the teachings of the basic communication model: Always acknowledge when you have received a message and then communicate back your intentions or next steps, timely! Even if you don’t have the answer or solution to a problem worked out yet, communicating where you are in the process goes a long way toward alleviating your client’s stress. 

– Elise Brault, Senior Consultant

Make the most of any situation. I used to get really annoyed with all of the waiting around we tend to do in airports. Shifting my attitude to accept what comes along and what I don’t have control of (weather, broken planes & odd passengers) has really removed some of the stress of traveling for me.  I’ve learned to look at that time as “My Time” or “Laura Time” and spend it reading, watching a movie or even taking nap. 

Laura Gold, Senior Consultant


The people who are most successful in HealthIT are those that are not afraid of change and have a voracious appetite for learning.   The world.  The one constant is change.  

-Max Stroud, Lead Consultant

Our consultants are as much experts on health IT as they are on traveling, here’s one of our most seasoned traveler’s top-secret tips:


To learn more about our consultants, check out our #IAmGalen series! To find out more about working as a healthcare IT consultant visit our careers page, or contact us below for more information:

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