Options to Consider When Replacing ConnectR

Options to Consider When Replacing ConnectR

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Migrating from one interface engine to another can be a daunting task. There is often limited documentation of the current interface environment and a thorough understanding of specialized standards is needed. These migration support systems are vital to the organization’s success and there is little room for error. But, now that ConnectR has been sunset and will only run on unsupported versions of SQL and Windows it’s become necessary.

GE’s ConnectR interface engine facilitates the transfer of information to different healthcare systems via HL7. ConnectR was developed by IDX before IDX was acquired by GE in 2005. Allscripts purchased a division of IDX in 2001, called ChannelHealth. Along with the acquisition, Allscripts gained the rights to use ConnectR. Organizations still running it are at an ever increasing risk of losing a critical part of their HIT infrastructure. The lucky part is there are multiple options for replacing your existing ConnectR environment.

Galen’s integration team has a wealth of integration experience and has worked with our clients to migrate interfaces from the legacy GE ConnectR to a variety of integration platforms. One such option is the Corepoint Integration Engine, ranked #1 by KLAS 8 years in a row.  Galen has successfully worked with Allscripts clients who have selected Corepoint Health as an alternative to the ConnectR engine. Known for their outstanding customer service and easy-to-use, UI based development environment, Corepoint has become a customer favorite for interface engines.

Corepoint built it, Galen can help you implement it. Join us for an introduction to Corepoint Integration Engine and see how Galen can help you integrate it within your TouchWorksTM environment.

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