Legacy Application Support Aids St. Luke’s University Health Network in EHR Transition

Legacy Application Support Aids St. Luke’s University Health Network in EHR Transition

Going through an EHR transition? Have you considered legacy application support to help you achieve success? St. Luke’s University Health Network did and were more than pleased with the results. This is their story:

Given its size and the breadth of its services, SLUHN required an enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) and revenue cycle system that could also meet the diverse needs of its thousands of employees and patients. Because of the magnitude and complexity of the implementation project, SLUHN identified a need for a partner to help manage their legacy systems during the transition.

“We didn’t want to have support be one of our main issues as IT leadership and staff while we were doing this transition” Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO, SLUHN

They needed to continue using and maintaining their legacy systems during their transition, as their business was still growing. Making the decision to outsource legacy application support afforded SLUHN the ability to obtain flexibility in staffing and enabled their adoption of the new system. SLUHN chose Galen Healthcare Solutions as their legacy support partner for several reasons, including: Galen’s professional experience, knowledge of SLUHN’s systems, breadth of expertise, and previous customer success.

“We wanted to make sure we continued to provide a premium service, so we asked for a premium service and that’s what we got from Galen.” -Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO, SLUHN

One key component was getting SLUHN’s senior management on board with the concept of outsourcing legacy application support while they transitioned their team to the Epic project. This included ensuring there was seamless knowledge transfer, both with the SLUHN team and learning their new Epic platform but also making sure their IT staff transitioned their knowledge of the legacy systems to Galen.

“Galen had a good process for doing that, evaluating St. Luke’s and how to learn their processes, really making themselves feel like they’re an extension of our organization.” -Chad Brisendine, VP & CIO, SLUHN

To find out how Galen’s Legacy Support team helped SLUHN successfully transition to a new EHR, read the full case study here

If you’re interested in how Galen can help your organization, learn more about our services here. You can also download our Legacy Application Support Whitepaper, and as always feel free to contact us with any questions below:

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