The Importance of Company Culture

The Importance of Company Culture

In the age of “fun” office atmospheres, how seriously should you take company culture?

An organization’s culture may be one of its strongest assets or it can be its biggest liability. The reason culture is so important is that its impact goes far beyond the talent in the organization; it has significant influence on the organization’s goals. At Galen, company culture is of tip top importance.

From the very beginning our founders made it priority:

“From the beginning, we strived to build a culture that has made Galen what it is today.  We wanted to be a company that people enjoyed working for while also being much more than a consulting firm—that was a term I never gravitated to.  I always felt like a consulting firm was a body shop that focused on billing and ensuring resources were profitable.  We focused on hiring full time employees that were willing to work outside of their client responsibilities to build a better Galen.  This allowed us to do things like the Galen Wiki and create a family environment where everyone is willing to help each other.” – Jason Carmichael

And it continues to grow and evolve today:

“It can sound a bit cliché, but we’re a family.  We support each other, we learn and win together.  We face challenges together.  I don’t know if all consulting groups work this way, but we do.  I think anyone who’s worked with us in the past knows this well.” –Matt Woodside

“The feeling that everyone here is family. When I first started here, the one slogan that keeps running through my mind, is that leadership always wanted us to know that it was us, the employees, that came first. The Galen way is collaborative; it’s coming together as a family to work things through, to share ideas, and to keep our moral fixture in place as a one solid unit.” –Kristie Mitchell

Culture has a tangible impact on employee engagement. So what characteristics make for an awesome company culture?

Can-Do Attitude

“Everyone at Galen works with heart and they put their all into what they do – including leadership.  As I mentioned before, I’ve gone through some hard times in my tenure at Galen and the leadership team has been as committed to me and my success as I am.  They support and reward hard work, and they also take care of their own.  They have my back.” –Max Stroud

Open Communication

“How many organizations are there where you can pick up the phone and call the CEO, COO, President or any upper management and they will gladly talk to you with a smile in their voice?  Not many!” –Kim Baxter

Fun for Everyone

“When I started at Galen, I knew culture was something they were proud of, as they should be, it was refreshing and unique. Everyone who works here is approachable, friendly, and truly looks out for each other. People have this stereotype that if you work in a “cool” office environment you always need to be involved or you won’t fit in or will feel left out. That is just not the case here. People at Galen respect everyone’s comfort zone and don’t hold it against anyone. It’s genuine.” –Phil Anderson

Aside from employee benefits, can the organization itself benefit as well? Definitely! Company culture is unique and provides arguably the most sustainable competitive advantage an organization can have in the marketplace for distinguishing itself against the competition. 

“Seeing how much Galen cares is extraordinary. It really is a phenomenon that people who work as hard as Galeneer’s do still manage to have a ton of fun doing it. The culture here has a strong impact on the quality of the work that’s put out, the collaborative effort that is the social norm and the recognition we receive from our industry. Our multiple KLAS awards and being named one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work for the last four years is just proof that we’re doing it right.” –Kelly Del Gaudio

“From what I have experienced with the culture here, it is concrete proof that companies exist that care about their employees. Leadership continually seeks feedback to maintain and improve the great culture at Galen. We even have a “culture club” that consists of members that meet periodically to address any concerns. It is no coincidence that we have made the list of “Best Places to Work in Healthcare” four years in a row.” –Arsenio Latimore

Still not sure if company culture is important to your workplace? Take is from our employees:

“I enjoy coming to work every day. Every single day.” –Matt Hoover

“There aren’t many more pros I can say about Galen that I haven’t already said.  I came here because I refused to believe that, ‘A job is just a job.’  Galen proved me right, a job can be so much more, and I encourage you to try and prove us wrong.” –Thu Xuan Vu

Culture drives or impedes the success of an organization. With culture impacting the talent, the product, the clients as well as the revenue, why would a company not measure, review and intentionally nurture something so important and critical to its success?

For more company culture inspiration, check out our #IAmGalen series, and feel free to contact us below with any questions:

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