MUSE Product Showcase Webinar – Operation Nerdywork: A MEDITECH Rules Revolution

MUSE Product Showcase Webinar – Operation Nerdywork: A MEDITECH Rules Revolution

Have you heard about our MEDITECH Rules Revolution & Project Claire[IT]? We recently held a webinar hosted by the MUSE Virtual Product Showcase entitled “Operation Nerdywork: A MEDITECH RULES REVOLUTION”, Principal Consultant, Kelly Del Gaudio co-presented with Cathy Alvarez from Uvalde Memorial Hospital. We originally presented at 2017 MUSE where we had the most well-attended product showcase webinar in MUSE history! Because of this we decided to hold a remote version for all those who weren’t able to attend! The webinar covers everything, from our MEDITECH Focus Group, Project Claire[IT], to optimizing the MEDITECH system with rules and intuitive workflow design. If you weren’t able to attend either presentation but are interested in learning more, read on, we have plenty to share!

View the recorded webinar here


Q: Is this focus group a continuing thing or was it specific just to this project? If it’s an ongoing thing, how would someone go about joining it or getting more information about it?

A: The focus group is not necessarily continuing, but we are crowd sourcing our content from here.  The focus group was able to help us get an initial understanding of where the pain points are in the industry but if you have a specific thing you’d like to see you can drop me a line at and what we are striving to do is put those on our product page; we’ll do surveys, we’ll send out surveys to anyone who has watched any of our webinars and hopefully we’ll get feedback and from that feedback we can decide what to work on next

Q: Do you do any rules in web ambulatory?

A: Yes, the web ambulatory rules are very similar, they’re actually built in the same rules engine as just your regular rules that aren’t web. Some of the fields have changed but we do write rules for those as well and a lot of these rules will work with web ambulatory.

Q: What if I’m looking for a specific scoring tool or general workflow compliance help?

A: If you’re looking for something specific we also offer clinical optimization visits. Depending on what you’re looking for, if it’s something small feel free to drop me a line and I can probably give you some guidance. Otherwise we would come out and perform an optimization assessment and figure out where the pain points and frustrations are within your organization and then we’d build specific for you.


You asked. We listened.

We received a lot of great feedback from our follow up MUSE session. Since our content is created from your ideas, one of the more interesting questions we received was around translation. There are many hospitals in areas of the country where Spanish is just as prominent (if not more so) than English, so our Claire[IT] focus last week was converting the Mini Mental Status Exam (a conversational assessment) into Spanish. The patient’s preferred language documented at registration drives what language is presented to the examiner. We think this will help to increase patient satisfaction scores and promote population health initiatives for Spanish speaking Americans!

MEDITECH Rules Translation

We’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts or ideas! Are there other assessments you’d like to see translated? Drop us a line!

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