Top 10 Tweets from EHR Optimization HITsm Chat

Top 10 Tweets from EHR Optimization HITsm Chat

Last week two of Galen’s own hosted the #HITsm (healthcare IT social media) community chat on Twitter. Justin Campbell (@tjustincampbell) and Julie Champagne (@JulieEChampagne) held the discussion on EHR Optimization where we weighed optimization against replacement, discussed EHR optimization opportunities and barriers, and considered EHR optimization levers, effort, KPIs, and ROI.


We used the following 6 questions as the framework. Here are the top 10 insights from them:

T1: How did the big-bang implementation approaches contribute to EMR inefficiencies and what can be done to mitigate?

T2: What is it about current EMR technology that contributes directly to physician inefficiency?

T3: How do you get providers engaged in an optimization initiative if they are disenchanted with the product and suffering from burnout?

T4: How can clinical workflows be adjusted to improve physician-patient interactions by removing EHR technology and data entry as an obstacle to F2F interaction?

T5: What are the most common barriers to EHR optimization and how are they overcome?

Bonus: What amount (if any) of ROI should HDOs expect from EHR optimization and is it worth the effort?

To learn more about the #HITsm chat overview visit EMR & HIPAA, or check out the full tweet chat transcript here. If you’re interested in how Galen can help with your optimization efforts, view our full suite of services, or contact us below:

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