A Large Scale Data Migration: A Hospital System Transitions from Allscripts TouchWorks to Epic

A Large Scale Data Migration: A Hospital System Transitions from Allscripts TouchWorks to Epic

A Large Data Migration Case StudyThe transfer of valuable clinical data from one source system to another isn’t an easy task, especially for a large organization covering a very large geographic area. That’s why, when a large hospital system in the southeast chose Epic as its go-forward EHR, it selected Galen Healthcare Solutions to be its partner.

The client was determined to migrate three and a half years of data for more than half a million patients. This migration would be especially complex because TouchWorks is a multiorg system and only one source system was involved in the transition to Epic.

The greatest challenges in working with a single database, multi-org system, are the various issues pertaining to patient matching. Most of these challenges stem from discrepancies existing within the Master Patient Index (MPI) that functions as a source-of-truth identification standard within a healthcare organization.

In the early stages of the project, the teams from the hospital system and Galen decided a hybrid approach would best meet the continuity of care needs required. It is essential that data be migrated so that it is consistent with how it will look and act in the target system.

The strategy was designed to meet the client’s business requirements, which were (and continue to be) to preserve continuity of care standards during the transition. It was vitally important to maintain strict requirements of data integrity and cosmetics so that all migrated data integrated seamlessly into Epic.

Learn how Galen helped this southeast hospital system successfully transition to Epic. Download the full case study here.

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