Top 10 Impressions from NEHIMSS 2017 Spring Conference

Top 10 Impressions from NEHIMSS 2017 Spring Conference

Last Thursday, the New England HIMSS Chapter gathered at Gillette Stadium, home of the 5 time Superbowl Champion New England Patriots, for it’s Annual Spring Conference. The day provided insights, technology, strategy and networking. The theme for the conference was “Innovation: The Key to a Transformed Health System,” and topics for the day included:

  • The Power of Empowering Patients Through Mobile Technology
  • Big Data Interoperability: Connecting Administrative, Clinical, and Patient-Generated Data
  • Innovations in Care Delivery

Below are the top takeaways and impressions from the event:

1. To achieve transparency & trust in healthcare, we need to insulate patients from the logistics.

2. To achieve simplification in healthcare, we should collect only the data we need.

3. The future of healthcare delivery likely resides in virtual visits.

4. Value-based reimbursement & need for cost savings are driving patient engagement.

5. Patient engagement is more than a patient portal, it’s a team sport.

6. Under the new administration, deregulation will foster innovation.

7. Providers aren’t programmers and don’t want to have to write code to implement logic for clinical decision support.

8. Boston Children’s innovates by spending time on data sets that don’t require consent through web-scraping & partnerships with companies like Google.

9. There is an opportunity to engage with healthcare consumers through compelling UI.

10. Monitor & leverage unstructured data from social media to build a new taxonomy for population health management.

In summary, the event proved to be insightful, informative, and inspirational, highlighting innovation that is occurring surrounding the shift to value-based care, the complexity of healthcare, and patient engagement. It’s clear that there is no shortage of work to do in healthcare IT in order to support organizational drivers such as improved outcomes and reduced costs.

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    John Lynn

    Those are some great insights and what a great way to cover the event. I wish I would have been there in person. Although, as a dolphins fan, the venue could have been an issue.

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