Operation NerdyWork: A MEDITECH Rules Revolution

Operation NerdyWork: A MEDITECH Rules Revolution

I’ve Got 999 Problems but Rules Ain’t One

During my time at MEDITECH I worked for a small, elite team that solely focused on clinical optimization, referred to as SWAT. While on the team I learned what to look for during an optimization and how to come up with unique ways to solve complex problems.  I got into MEDITECH rule writing because it opened up endless possibilities to enhance the system. Our team made a huge impact at the small amount of hospitals we worked at, saving them millions of dollars in lost revenue, reducing redundancies, and increasing end user and patient satisfaction.

When I became Galen’s Principal Consultant for the MEDITECH vertical I knew this was my chance to work with the MEDITECH community on improving the quality of their daily workflow: Reduce Clicks. Save Time. Increase Revenue. Be Better. When I learned about our eCalcs product, I thought “I am going to make eCalcs for MEDITECH,” and Operation #NerdyWork was born. We launched our first official MEDITECH Rules Focus Group earlier this year and it took off from there.

We feel the most important thing you can do in a rapidly changing industry is listen to your customers. The input from our Focus Group allowed us to develop Project Claire[IT] which is a deliverable package of complex rules, assessments, CDS’s, and workflows that addresses industry needs. It also includes a way to add thousands of problems to a single rule allowing for a more robust evaluation of the patient’s history in the chart. Galen is fully intent on crowd sourcing content ideas that will be developed and delivered in future product updates.

We will be presenting on our Operation NerdyWork initiatives at MUSE 2017, where attendees will hear about its evolution from myself and Focus Group member and IT Clinical Analyst, Cathy Alvarez at Uvalde Memorial Hospital. We will take a look at some of our calculations and scoring assessments including the TPN Ordering Worksheet; discuss how to use our solution for provider education and how that effects end user adoption, system satisfaction and your bottom line; Learn about future plans, our product roadmap and how they can contribute to the rules revolution.

Add Operation NerdyWork: A MEDITECH Rules Revolutions to your MUSE 2017 schedule

That’s what we’re all about, coming up with unique ways to skirt around the inefficiencies of the MEDITECH system. I do believe it is a great system, there are certain things that don’t work as expected but it’s customizable enough where you don’t have to break the bank to make it really great. I am excited to be a part of a revolutionary transformation that is undoubtedly going to change how we make decisions about treating patients, the rate at which we cure diseases and the time it takes to progress.

If you’d like to learn more about our MEDITECH optimization, migration, or any of our other solutions, schedule a meeting with me at MUSE 2017, or stop by Booth 932 to say hi! You could even win an Apple Watch in the process 🙂

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