EHR Transitions: Legacy Support and Staff Augmentation

EHR Transitions: Legacy Support and Staff Augmentation

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With the increase in mergers and acquisitions within the U.S. healthcare market, the demand for migrations from one system to another has grown exponentially. A common misconception (or at least, a common hope) is that EHR transitions can be done with the flip of a switch. The process of converting from one EHR to another is among the most difficult technical and functional projects a healthcare organization can tackle, but fear not, there are established best practices for navigating every leg of this journey.

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Chad Brisendine, VP/CIO at St. Luke’s University Health System, can attest first hand to the challenges of EHR transitions. When he started at St. Luke’s he had an ‘aging’ data center and infrastructure that needed revamping. SLUHN required an enterprise-wide EHR and revenue cycle system that could also meet the diverse needs of its thousands of employees and patients. Ultimately they became one of the largest organizations in the country to deploy Epic across all of its hospitals at once while handling a patient capacity increase during the go-live phase.

How did they figure out who moves? Who stays? And how did they execute the transition without having a corrupt end product? Find out straight from the source. In’s upcoming webinar, sponsored by Galen Healthcare, Brisendine talks about his EHR transition journey and how SLUHN utilized legacy support to guide them to a successful and seamless implementation.

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Perpetually Learn & Share, it’s one of our 5 Main Things. We’re sharing a recording of the webcast along with the slides used.  Make sure to check out our roster of future webcasts here!

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