7 Benefits of Outsourcing Legacy Application Support

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Legacy Application Support

Do you have plans to, or are you considering switching EHRs? Have you thought about how you’ll handle support of your legacy systems if you do? It’s different the second time around and we all know EHR transitions are already hard enough without having to worry about what to do with these legacy systems.

“The motivations may vary, but more health care organizations seem to be coming to the same conclusion: It’s time for a new EHR. We’re not talking your typical paper-to-electronic transformation either. This is a one-EHR-to-a-hopefully-better-EHR transition.” – Juliann Schaeffer, For the Record

But there is a solution: Legacy Application Support. It’s not a new concept either, in fact recently its adoption has increased and continues to accelerate rapidly. According to the 2017 HIMSS Annual Workforce Survey, “60 percent of healthcare provider respondents indicated their organization outsourced at least some of their IT staffing needs to a vendor or consultant rather than hiring the workers directly.” Healthcare CIOs that are already going through these transitions can attest to the benefits of legacy support:

“What we’re seeing for benefits on this, I would say the biggest one is the morale of the team. Once you start announcing that you’re moving to a new EHR, you can imagine the staff is sitting there thinking ‘what’s my future going to be, what does that look like?’ This is a way you can move them into that future very quickly, get them focused, and out of the past. It’s shows that you’re supporting your employees and your people.” – Chuck Podesta, CIO, UC Irvine Health, All Stars Panel: Supporting Yesterday’s EHR While Launching Today’s

“I mean, let’s face it, no staff member has the desire to support the legacy application when all of their coworkers are learning the new application. That’s a career limiting move.” – Tim Schoener, VP/CIO, UPMC Susquehanna

We put together the top 7 benefits of outsourcing Legacy Application Support to simplify your decision:

Legacy Support Infographic 1-3

View our full infographic here to learn how legacy application support could simplify your journey. If you have any questions about the Legacy Application Support we provide, visit our website, or feel free to contact us below: 

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