Introducing Project Claire[IT]: MEDITECH 6.x Rules Engine Package

Introducing Project Claire[IT]: MEDITECH 6.x Rules Engine Package

Changing "Working as Designed" to "Working as Desired"

What began as an education session on the MEDITECH 6.x Rules engine soon turned into a concentrated collaboration between Galen and a Focus Group of nine MEDITECH hospitals looking to fill gaps in clinical workflow. The group is led by Galen’s MEDITECH Principal Consultant, Kelly Del Gaudio, she explains in a previous blog:

“Earlier this month, we launched our first official MEDITECH Rules Focus Group, which admittedly has been something I have wanted to do since I first discovered the power of Rules optimization. It was clear there was a need among MEDITECH customers given the high demand stemming from a rules webinar we conducted in the fall.”

MEDITECH customers aren’t the only ones looking for system optimization, it’s an industry wide epidemic. A recent KPMG survey found that “EMR system optimization is currently the top investment priority for CIOs.” The survey revealed that over the next three years, 38% of CIOs plan to spend the majority of their capital investment on EHR/EMR optimization efforts.

“A majority of doctors are dissatisfied with EHRs. We need to make these systems secure, easier to use, and interoperable across the continuum of care to effectively treat patients and uncover where quality and efficiency can be improved.” – Ralph Fargnoli, Advisory Managing Director at KPMG

“Optimization is a service that is important but often overlooked, like getting an oil change for your car. The rewards outweigh the cost of maintenance every time.” – Kelly Del Gaudio, Galen MEDITECH Principal Consultant 

Realizing the industry need, paired with Kelly’s passion for rule writing and workflow redesign, we embarked on a mission to change “Working as Designed” to “Working as Desired” for MEDITECH users.

Our Objective: We wanted to gain a better understanding of gaps in the MEDITECH 6.x/6.1 platform and how those frustrations and pain points can be addressed with embedded rule logic and intuitive workflow redesign. We also wanted to validate that the MEDITECH community is in need the rule calculators offered with eCalcs, many of which require licensing. We called our effort #NerdyWork. From there Project Claire[IT] was born:

Project Claire[IT]

Project Claire[IT] consists of clinical scoring tools and calculators, tools to educate, assist and train new or infrequent users, Manage Transfer guidance that adheres to your own unique protocols, an intuitive TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) order calculator and much more!

Download our Project Claire[IT] guide here

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