SSM Integrated Health Technologies Clinical Data Migration: Functional & Technical Considerations

SSM Integrated Health Technologies Clinical Data Migration: Functional & Technical Considerations

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Saying a clinical data migration takes a village wouldn’t be that far from the truth. While many can appreciate the transition being among the most difficult technical and functional projects a healthcare organization can tackle, most don’t think about it as a whole. Often people focus on their portion of it, the migration just from their organizations point-of-view.  We want to give you the whole picture.

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We’re taking a look at our partnership with SSM Integrated Health Technologies during their EHR transition from GE Centricity and MEDITECH to Epic. Together, we’ll present the decisions that are important to consider when performing a clinical data migration from the point-of-view of: the healthcare organization program manager, the clinical analyst, and the technical implementation team.

We’re not only looking at the functional and technical considerations that are vital to every data migration, but also the decisions that lead you to them. Bringing together all of the stakeholders in your practice or practices and getting them to agree on which data will be migrated can also be a significant challenge. Know the right questions to ask at the start of a conversion project, so it’s executed in a way that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

If you are at the beginning of this process, you may have encountered trepidation within your organization surrounding the successful transfer of valuable data in your legacy system(s) to the new system. Let our expert panel ease any qualms. This webcast will survey data migration considerations, best practices and lessons learned from the project. We’re presenting a unique client perspective, offering insight into considerations surrounding staffing, clinical mapping, legacy application support and validation & testing.

The most important factor in this process is preparation. Poorly-executed conversions occur when organizations underestimate the time it will take to prepare. Understand the process from all angles.

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