#IAmGalen: Elaine Folkert, Technical Consultant

#IAmGalen: Elaine Folkert, Technical Consultant

ElaineFolkertWhat was your background prior to joining Galen, and what made you join us?

Prior to Galen, I worked for a software vendor that produced an EMR for small, rural hospitals. In my 16 years with the company, I held various technical roles from server administration to data conversions. When I began looking for a change in employment, I was drawn to Galen by the employee culture. When there is work to do, it gets done and you’re never alone in that endeavor. If I pose a question to a group I am always provided an immediate response, most often I receive several offers for help. And when it’s time to celebrate the successes there are always fellow Galeneers nearby ready to raise their glass with you.

What does your day-to-day look like as a Technical Consultant? What do you love the most about your role?

My day-to-day is always evolving – and that is what I love the most about my role. The diversification of projects and data platforms means every day is a learning opportunity. One day I may be concentrating on developing a set of queries to extract data and the next day I am accessing a database platform I have never touched.

Is there a specific project you’ve worked on so far that’s stood out to you? What makes Galen’s approach to solving client problems different from ones you’ve seen in the past?

One of the first projects I was assigned to, was for a client who had over 300 facilities that needed data archived before the EMR vendor initiated end of life on the application. Along with the high number of facilities and the fast approaching EOL date, the platform of the system was not well known. Galen’s “can-do” approach to challenges, forces me to think outside of the box to achieve success!

Being newer to Galen and a remote employee, do you feel there’s still opportunity to get to know your coworkers? How would you describe the culture here? 

With the use of communication tools such as Skype for Business and Slack, there is never a lack of camaraderie amongst employees. I feel more connected to the day to day discussions and updates, than I did while working in an office. Galen also makes a great effort to bring employees together through yearly trips into an office for remote employees, and all employees gathering at the annual Company Meeting.

What has been the most unexpected thing about working for Galen?

The air of pride in the work we complete is palpable. Every Galeneer not only enjoys their job, but they also work hard to ensure our clients’ needs are met and quite often exceeded. Never have I worked for a more positive group of people, and it is refreshing.

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