HITMC 2017: Marketing for a Better World of Healthcare

HITMC 2017: Marketing for a Better World of Healthcare

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The Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference, better known as HITMC, took place last week in Las Vegas, NV. Filled with almost 50 sessions from leading healthcare IT marketing and PR professionals, HITMC was both insightful and inspiring. It goes beyond marketing “best practices,” and also puts a large focus on the healthcare industry itself.

“The large majority of marketing and PR professionals do the work they do because they believe they can impact healthcare in a good way. They believe that the products and services their company offers can make healthcare better.”  John Lynn, HITMC co-founder

My takeaway HITMC Keywords: Passion, Engagement, Value, Trust.

As this conference is made up of marketing professionals it only seemed appropriate to touch on the highlights through #HITMC on Twitter:

The conference started off with keynote speaker, Gary Rhoads, Stephen Mack Covey Professor of Marketing/Entrepreneurship & Co-founder/Board Member of Xvoyant.com. He spoke about creating customer and employee engagement simultaneously by looking towards those that love your brand and understanding why, instead of trying to find the reason people don’t.

Follow the passion in your organization to gain momentum and create brand champions. Let people know they can make a difference by finding a “Goliath” to slay. What’s your higher purpose? Why do people resonate with your brand?

We’re always looking for new ways to share our experience and expertise and HITMC provided an opportunity to do just that! VP of Strategy, Justin Campbell, along with Dillon Allie, from HDMZ, presented “Creating a Balanced Engagement Platform on a Budget.”

And what would a Healthcare IT conference be without looking at where the industry is headed? While value-based care is very real, the technology is still trying to catch up.

One basic, but often over-looked point made was to keep your message simple. Not everyone knows what interoperability means (our blogging platform doesn’t even recognize it as a real word!) Using industry buzzwords does nothing to further communication with someone that’s not in your industry. How can you make your message resonate with them? How do you put it in their terms?

Among one of the most surprising highlights..we won the Best Social Media Program award! Thank you to everyone in Galen who helps contribute to the our content and congratulations to all the other category winners, we are honored to be among your ranks!

A special shout out to Galen Consultant and Twitter superstar, Max Stroud, who couldn’t be at HITMC to help accept our award, but was a huge player in developing our entire social brand! Thanks Max!

We would also like to say a HUGE thank you to John Lynn and Shahid Shah for putting on such an incredible conference! The HITMC community would not be what it is without both of you! Thank you!

We work hard to promote Galen’s Services & Solutions because we believe they can truly better the world of healthcare. Contact us below to learn how we can help your organization: 

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