#IAmGalen: Taylor Mawyer, Managing Consultant, Technical Services

#IAmGalen: Taylor Mawyer, Managing Consultant, Technical Services

TaylorMawyerWhat was your background prior to joining Galen, and what made you join us?

After college, I started working in the nuclear energy industry as a Systems Engineer before migrating to healthcare.  Prior to Galen, I was the IT Manager for a large orthopedic group located in Richmond, VA.  Working for a healthcare provider provided an enormous amount of hands-on experience in a patient care setting and supporting the IT needs of a growing group practice.  The catalyst for joining Galen occurred when I was pursuing my Masters of Health Administration at VCU.  I enjoyed the discussions on organizational philosophy and the importance of the mission, vision, and values that shape the organization’s culture.  Having worked with Galen as an IT Manager I was always impressed with their culture, work product, and the professionalism of their consultants.  Needless to say, I haven’t been disappointed.

What does your role involve, and how do you keep your team motivated?

As a Managing Consultant I am afforded the best of both worlds.  I have the opportunity to manage a team of technical consultants and also work with our clients to support their various healthcare related needs.  Additionally, I support our data migrations operations group from a technical perspective and am continually looking for ways to improve our standards and processes.  As a manager, I am fortunate to have a great team of consultants and all of them are extremely bright and motivated.  My challenge is to help them grow as consultants, ensure they feel valued as an employee, and help them overcome obstacles and challenges they face on a daily basis.

What is something awesome your team has accomplished lately?

Our team has an informal but powerful mission statement, “Get Stuff Done, and Be Awesome At It,” and Galen provides the culture and projects to allow the team to accomplish this.  The list is long so I have to narrow it down to three recent accomplishments:

  1. Highly Complex Clinical Data Extraction and Transformation – A client recently came to us in need of help facilitating an extremely large archival of clinical data that required us to deconstruct and rebuild hundreds of data sets that were arranged in a non-relational layout. The technical challenge it presented was monumental and we were able to not only overcome it, but deliver the data ahead of the proposed deadlines.
  2. HIE Connect (Health Information Exchange Integration Platform) – We’ve developed, implemented, and supported a solution to connect state-run HIEs with dozens of practices and continue to rollout the solution, improve clinical data integrity, and provide support to accomplish state HIE goals.
  3. Data Migrations (Supporting Continuity of Care during EMR Transition) – During this period of EMR transition we have been able to develop a strong process that supports a clinician’s continuity of care by migrating key clinical data to the EMR at the onset of its usage. We’ve expanded our experience into the three most commonly used Acute care platforms and over two dozen Ambulatory EHRs.

What are you looking forward to as we continue to grow as a company?

Galen has a strong leadership team that is constantly planning ahead so we can position ourselves to best support our clients as the healthcare landscape continually evolves.  We are uniquely positioned as a consulting firm with a three-legged stool of field consultants, technical consultants and products that allows us to be a “one-stop shop” for many of our clients.  I am looking forward to seeing a growth of cross-functional team collaboration as our products team increases its upward climb and growth.  We’ve seen this collaboration succeed with data migrations and I am excited to see it expand further.

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