#IAmGalen: Jon Deitch, Consultant, Field Services

#IAmGalen: Jon Deitch, Consultant, Field Services

JonDeitchWhat was your background prior to working here, and what made you join us?

I grew up in Chicago and attended undergrad at the University of Vermont. Shortly after college, I worked two different jobs in Finance/Sales before coming to Galen in late 2011.  Galen was a natural fit for a few reasons. First, I had a good friend working here at the time who spoke very highly of the culture and the overall experience of working here. Second, consulting work had a certain overlap with some of the things I liked about sales.  The joy of sharing knowledge about a product grew into an enjoyment of passing along a valuable skill or recommendation, as a consultant would do.  I really enjoy teaching.

 Can you describe your role at Galen and what it involves?

Currently, my project duties are that of an Interface Analyst.  I monitor and troubleshoot any communication issues between the disparate systems for our client in Pennsylvania. I must say it’s a breath of fresh air to gain greater exposure to a more technical skill set. Prior to this project, my experience within Galen has been diverse. Ranging from project management to go-live support for data migrations, upgrades, Meaningful Use, and net-new implementations.

What is the one thing you hope to do in the role?

I would love additional opportunities to broaden my technical skillset to a point where my overall expertise is more vendor-agnostic and therefore more adaptable to changing trends in our industry.

Our culture is pretty unique – what’s your favorite aspect of it?

We have a movie theater popcorn machine in our office in Chicago, I think that’s pretty neat.  Above all else, there’s a certain comradery present throughout the year that especially comes alive during our annual trip. I think it’s a special privilege to see everyone you’ve been working with in a fun setting and put some faces to names. We are quite lucky.

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