Exploring & Evaluating Healthcare Data Archival Methodologies & Strategies

Exploring & Evaluating Healthcare Data Archival Methodologies & Strategies

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Are you retiring your clinical systems? Or are you just interested in understanding the various approaches to extraction, transformation, and storage of the contents of clinical systems? Whatever the case, we invite you to join us for our sponsored data archival strategy webinar on healthsystemCIO.com! Our VP of Product Development and Archival Expert, Robert Downey, will be sharing his 10+ years of healthcare IT experience. He is responsible for the design and development of Galen’s products and supporting technology, including the VitalCenter Online Archival solution. This webcast will delve into the specific healthcare data archival strategies being used in the marketplace and will evaluate why some archival approaches are superior to others, by virtue of the way each of the approaches extract, store, and visualize data.

You can gain a sneak peak into Data Archival strategy by reading our whitepaper


Many data archival methodologies used typically trade fidelity (how well it preserves the original shape and precision of the data) for accessibility (how easy it is to get at the information needed), and they trade how easily the solution can archive disparate sources of data (such as archiving both an EMR and a time-tracking system) with, again, accessibility. Further, most archival solutions do not contemplate that the data changes and the clinical chart available to the provider at the time the clinical decision was made can be inconsistent with the chart the archival solution produces for an eDiscovery inquiry.

Gain a better understanding of marketplace options and an appreciation of the legal and compliance implications. View the webcast recording below:

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