EHR Insider: The Perfect EMR Application

EHR Insider: The Perfect EMR Application

Note: This is an excerpt from an article originally published in For The Record.

“We hear it all the time: “EMRs don’t measure up to paper,” “It’s hard to use,” “My EMR doesn’t allow for patient interaction.” It seems rarely is a good word uttered about EMR use.

According to Kalorama Information’s “EMR 2016: The Market for Electronic Medical Records,” approximately one-third of hospital administrators are dissatisfied with their EMR purchase, with some exploring the option of replacing their current vendor. In a Black Book Rankings survey, one in six medical practices said they plan to change vendors.

Here’s an all-too-typical complaint heard throughout the industry: ‘We had our paper charts shredded and were told to use the computer. The training and support were there from administration and management, but the patient engagement strategy and overall care experience simply couldn’t pivot overnight. Some of the kinks are yet to be worked out, which will occur over time, but the satisfaction of our patients in the electronic world is at the cost of our staff. Certain users are happy with the new electronic system, but not the ones who have to end up working the hardest to make it go.’

What can be done to boost EMR satisfaction? What would the ideal EMR application look like? To find out, it’s best to go straight to the source of the complaints.”

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Find out what the ideal EMR application looks like by reading the full article on For The Record here. Contact us below for any questions on how to improve your user satisfaction: 

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