Data Migrations powered by GalenETL Webcast

Data Migrations powered by GalenETL Webcast

The next installment in Galen's complimentary educational webcast series

Want to learn one of our secrets to data migrations? It’s GalenETL. A scalable, extensible, and system agnostic platform specifically designed to manage and execute complex large-scale healthcare data migrations.


Check out one of our GalenETL Success Stories: HIE Participant Connectivity – Powered by GalenETL. Galen partnered with the North Carolina Health Information Exchange (NC HIE) and North Carolina Community Care Networks, Inc. (CCNC), to assist in connecting 330+ participating practices across the state. Utilizing the GalenETL solution, the team was able to securely and efficiently deliver 10 discreet clinical data elements in standard HL7 format from facilities running 11 distinct source EMRs.

GalenETL Success Quote

Join us for a presentation to learn how we utilize this platform as the backbone of all our data migration projects. We will demonstrate how this platform enables us to implement repeatable processes and allows us to produce consistent results that have led to hundreds of successful data migrations. Come see how GalenETL uses a plug-in based architecture to provide some of the most sought after functionality in the industry.

Missed the webcast? We’ve got you covered!

We’re sharing a recording of the webcast, along with the slides use. Perpetually Learn & Share, it’s one of our 5 Main Things. And be sure to check out our roster of future web webcasts here.

Webcast Recording


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