#IAmGalen: Kelly Del Gaudio, Principal Consultant

#IAmGalen: Kelly Del Gaudio, Principal Consultant

KellyDelGaudioWhat brought you to Galen, and what do you do here?

After working at MEDITECH for 10 years I knew the digital health industry was something I felt passionate about. I was excited to be a part of a revolutionary transformation that is undoubtedly going to change how we make decisions about treating patients, the rate at which we cure diseases and the time it takes to progress.

When I interviewed for the opportunity to become the Principal Consultant for the MEDITECH vertical I knew this was my chance to work with the MEDITECH community on improving the quality of their daily workflow. Reduce Clicks. Save Time. Increase Revenue. Be Better. Galen was the right company to help me carry out my mission so the decision to come aboard was very clear.

My role at Galen changes regularly with the exception of a few constants. I work with one of our MEDITECH clients which includes daily support and projects.  There’s also sales engineering and producing marketing collateral blogs, wikis and promotions. I am currently running a MEDITECH Rules Focus Group that is helping us to outline a deliverable rules package we hope to debut at MUSE 2017. I am also working with our development team to build out that content and write the complex rules we will embed.

Check out our MEDITECH wiki here

What was your first impression of Galen?

I worked for a Telemedicine startup between MEDITECH and Galen that didn’t really seem to care about their product, the people that used it or their staff. As a result, it was lackluster and broken and people were angry and sad. I knew wherever I went next I wanted people to care.

Seeing how much Galen cares is extraordinary. It really is a phenomenon that people who work as hard as Galeneer’s do still manage to have a ton of fun doing it. The culture here has a strong impact on the quality of the work that’s put out, the collaborative effort that is the social norm and the recognition we receive from our industry. Our multiple KLAS awards and being named one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work for the last four years is just proof that we’re doing it right.

You’ve been our MEDITECH services champion, highlighting the benefits of optimization in that realm. How did you get involved in customization/Where did your interest develop?

During my time at MEDITECH I worked for a small, elite team that solely focused on clinical optimization–the Clinical Performance Team aka SWAT. While on the SWAT team I learned what to look for during an optimization and how to come up with unique ways to solve complex problems.  I got really into rule writing because knowing rules opened up endless possibilities to enhance the MEDITECH system and change what was working as designed to working as desired.

We made a huge impact at the small amount of hospitals we worked at, saving them millions of dollars in lost revenue, reducing redundancies, and increasing end user and patient satisfaction. Optimization is a service that is important but often overlooked, like getting an oil change for your car. The rewards outweigh the cost of maintenance every time.

 What is the one thing you hope to do in the role?

I hope to be successful in making Galen a household name in the MEDITECH community. It shouldn’t be too hard considering the caliber of experts and consultants we have on staff, the quality of service we provide and the reputation we have for getting it done when others simply can’t. I’m looking forward to exploring new markets and seeing just how much we can achieve in 2017!

 Anything else you’d like people to know?

We’ve come leaps and bounds with our MEDITECH Rules offering thanks to the help of our #NerdyWork Focus Group. We’re currently writing rules that evaluate more than 1000 Patient Problems and we think we hold the world record on that. It’s something I am extremely proud of since that opens the doors for some next level optimization projects and really sets us apart in this space!


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