Application Management & Support Best Practices Webcast

Application Management & Support Best Practices Webcast

Reducing Costs and Gaining Operational Efficiencies and Flexibility

Support & Coordination. Two key factors for successful application management in today’s healthcare IT environment. There are many unknowns and considerations to assess when outsourcing any portion of your IT operation, it’s important to know what to look for when bringing in outside help. Keep your healthcare organization running smoothly & take the unknowns out of the equation. Join us for our complimentary Application Management & Support Best Practices Webcast on Tuesday, February 7th.

This webcast will present best practices and processes in both exploring an application management support solution or partner and rollout, transition and implementation. Whether supporting a legacy or production application, the solution or partner should take complex and time-consuming tasks off of the organizations plate, allowing focus on more productive, strategic, operation improving and patient experience enhancing activities.

Missed the webcast? We’ve got you covered!

We’re sharing a recording of the webcast, along with the slides use. Perpetually Learn & Share, it’s one of our 5 Main Things. And be sure to check out our roster of future web webcasts here.

Webcast Recording


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