#IAmGalen: Daniel Mauldin, Associate Technical Consultant

#IAmGalen: Daniel Mauldin, Associate Technical Consultant

danielmauldinWhat was your background prior to joining Galen, and what made you join us?

I obtained my Bachelor degree in IT several years ago and have stayed up to date with the industry by obtaining and maintaining certifications throughout the years (CISSP, SSCP, CEH, A+). I worked in IT with a local Law Enforcement agency in Florida where high stress with long hours were to be expected. The position was equal parts Help Desk and System Admin mixed with a dash of equipment support, simmered for 7 years. I enjoyed most of the work though jumped at the opportunity to apply at Galen when a friend (Daniel Williams, Technical Consultant) who works at Galen told me about an open position. He always spoke highly of the culture, the people, and the work, and I knew there were careers out there where people enjoyed waking up and going to work. I applied, interviewed, and was brought on January of 2016.

 What does your day-to-day job involve?

Step one is always coffee. Step two involves catching up on emails, Slack, and my projects lists. Sometimes there are fires that need to be put out that are priority. Other times I’m able to focus on personal development. Mostly I pick up where I left off on client projects that can span days or weeks. The work is not always the same and I really appreciate that. Sometimes it will be troubleshooting a pesky SQL view or stored procedure; other times it is digging into Windows Event Logs to figure out an issue. I’m currently working on a few clinical data extract projects, as well as some work where we are connecting practices to their state’s Health Information Exchange.

Can you talk about some unique and innovative approaches you’ve taken for solving client issues?

I’m on the Technical Services team that frequently deals with tough client problems that they either don’t have the time or resources to solve. It would be selfish to try to take credit for some of the issues I’ve solved as I’ve always had some sort of influence or assistance from others. We had a client who was part of a bigger project who ran a small practice (small as in the head physician was also the IT department). Although it wasn’t part of the scope of our work, they needed help restoring their EMR database on another server daily. My colleague Matt Hoover (he’s a wizard) helped me whip up a SQL job in a few minutes that ended up saving this physician hours–if not days–worth of work and headache.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

The daily aspects of solving puzzles. There is always someone smarter than me who can help me find the right piece. The communication at Galen is fantastic. Everyone is more than willing to help and are genuine about it. I have several favorite parts so it is difficult to pick just one. Another one is working for a team where management does pretty much the opposite of micromanaging. We have the freedom to develop new skills or improve on ones that we feel we need work.

Anything else you think is important for someone to know about Galen?

The work can be challenging, that’s for sure, but I can speak for everyone when I say we all love it here. To say that Galen treats us right would be an understatement.

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