Ready, Set, Time to Prepare for HIMSS 2017!

Ready, Set, Time to Prepare for HIMSS 2017!

We’re less than six weeks away and the anticipation is building for HIMSS 2017! But with 1,200+ exhibiting companies, thousands of products and services, 200+ educational sessions, and more, where do you begin!?

Introducing Galen’s Guide to HIMSS 2017 with tips for filtering out the important signals through the noise—looking at key sessions, navigating the conference, and making the most of your time in Orlando. Who better to provide advice than our consultants, who are tuned into the hot topics in health IT and the hot spots in Orlando. Without further ado here’s our guide to HIMSS 2017:

All Things Orlando:

With so much to plan for at HIMSS already, there’s no time to scope out the best places to grab a bite or a drink, let alone deciding which local attraction to check out in your spare time! That’s why our consultants have put some of their favorite things to do and see in Orlando into our handy HIMSS17 Visitor’s Guide, check it out!

Can’t Miss Sessions:

Monday, February 20th

10:30am Data-Driven Medicine: Actionable Insights From Patient Data

Successful population health and value-based care initiatives require complete and accurate information. Hear how efficient aggregation and normalization of community-wide health and care records, combined with systematically applied innovative clinical logic can improve patient safety, expose gaps in care and present providers with a complete view of relevant information about their patients.

12:00pm Integrating Technology Into Medical Practice For Better Patient Care

An AMA time/motion study discovered that the average American physician today spends almost twice as much time on their EHR and doing desk work as they do interacting with a patient. discuss how health IT tools that respond directly to physician needs and accommodate new dynamics of patient care are essential to physician success under the QPP.

Tuesday, February 21st

2:30pm Don’t You Know Me? Interoperability: A Patient Narrative

Two Sisters: One thriving with cancer, the other, a HealthIT consultant & social worker, join forces to document and explore a patient’s relationship to her health data. They will discuss how using the patient narrative to explore gaps in health data interoperability can provide critical insight into information that may not be evident from within the healthcare organization.

Wednesday, February 22nd

10:00am Next-Generation IT Governance: Fully Integrated and Operationally-Led

The increasingly complex nature of today’s healthcare environment makes effective governance more essential than ever. Challenges include the extension of IT systems to community partners and increased rates of mergers and acquisitions. The solution to those challenges is a holistic approach to IT governance that allows for optimization of systems and resources to ultimately improve healthcare outcomes.

11:30am Healthcare Consumerism: Understand the Person Behind the Patient

Consumers are demanding an unprecedented level of personalization in every facet of their lives. This session will discuss how to leverage insights and preferences to tailor the patient experience at every touchpoint. Organizations will share how they invested in cloud, mobile, social technology to transform engagement and empower patients to take a more active role in their care.

Notable Exhibits:

HIMSS Interoperability Showcase: Explore a health ecosystem where standards-based health IT enables individuals to securely access, contribute to and analyze their own health data.

HX360 Innovation Zone: Interact with early- to growth-stage companies developing game-changing personal health technologies.

Population Care Management Knowledge Center: Gain intelligence on fee-for-service and value-based reimbursement structures for population health, and on implementing a successful care coordination and care management program across primary care, acute care, post-acute care, and long-term care settings

Tips & Tricks

  • If you haven’t already, book your hotel NOW! Rooms fill up fast and its key to find a hotel nearby the conference center or one with shuttle service
  • Pre-plan your week. If the amount of sessions wasn’t indicator enough, there is a lot going on in one week. Decide what will be the most valuable to you and start from there. Remember to leave time for perusing the exhibit floor too!
  • Want to stay up to date with all the HIMSS happenings? Check out Twitter. HIMSS hosts their own hand-picked class of health IT influencers to deliver a diverse and expert-driven social media experience—one of them is our own Max Stroud (@MMaxwellStroud)! We also suggest following @GalenHealthcare 🙂
  • Prep your HIMSS outfit. Complete with comfy walking shoes and a bag containing a water bottle, business cards, a pen, extra space for the swag you’ll inevitably collect, and a phone charger (rumor has it Booth #4448 may have a charging station 😉 )

What are your 2017 initiatives?  Schedule a meeting with us at Booth 4448 to see how we can help design your organization’s road map to success. Space is limited. Reserve your spot today!


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