Our Top 10 Favorite Health IT Resources

Our Top 10 Favorite Health IT Resources

How to determine client needs by keeping a pulse on the market

Many of us pride ourselves on being content creators, producing industry-leading resources. But how do we determine what will be meaningful to our audience? Creating materials that are relevant and fresh to your clients is crucial to success. This requires research, looking at other health IT resources for ideas and information.

As a strategist for an industry-ranked Health IT Consulting firm, my job includes keeping a pulse on the market to determine what content will be meaningful to create and present to our clients. How do I do this? With our Top 10 Favorite Health IT Resources:

  1. HealthIT and mHealth:

    This blog is produced by former Galeneer, Jamie Titak, so we may be a little bias 🙂 but in all honestly it’s filled with compelling thought leadership, uniquely tailored to the health IT startup and entrepreneur community. Their most recent CHIME Fall Forum Interview Series features advice and stories from CIOs at some of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations.

  2. HITECH Answers

    A community hub site dedicated to educating healthcare providers and other stakeholders on the HITECH Act, the CMS EHR Incentive Program, Meaningful Use and other Federal Health IT initiatives. They have an information-rich internet radio station that offers interviews, commentary and speeches from industry leaders in healthcare and health information technology.

  3. EMR & HIPAA

    One of the blogs run by John Lynn, Founder of the HealthcareScene.com blog network consisting of ten blogs and over 8000 articles. John certainly has his finger on the pulse of the health IT industry, as the co-founder of InfluentialNetworks.com, Physia.com, and HITMC.  Roughly half the articles on his site he writes himself, he also has many others written by other health IT leaders (including us!).

  4. Advisory Board

    A best practices firm that uses a combination of research, technology, and consulting to improve the performance of healthcare organizations around the world. The nature of their work allows them to produce compelling resources with fresh insights and news. Read their Daily Briefing for healthcare headlines and their blogs for quick expert takes.

  5. Chilmark Research

    This global research and advisory firm was based on the core belief that healthcare information technology (HIT) plays a crucial role in improving the quality and efficiency of care. Their utilization of a pragmatic, evidence-based research methodology provides healthcare leaders with the most in-depth and accurate portrait of the critical technology and adoption trends in the HIT sector.

  6. KLAS™ Research

    KLAS partners with healthcare professionals to create a powerful voice to help change the industry and to create a community of transparency about vendor performance. They personally interview 95% of the healthcare professionals who give them feedback. From analyzing this feedback, they are able to identify key insights and data, which they publish in the form of reports and reviews, a valuable resources when making organization-altering decisions!

  7. Healthcare IT News

    The industry’s authoritative source covering the people, policy and technology driving next-generation healthcare in the U.S.. Their compelling topics include: electronic health records, health information exchange, privacy and security, data analytics, patient engagement, and more. My go-to when looking for post-worthy articles & to keep track of the latest industry news!

  8. HIStalk

    A healthcare IT news and opinion site providing morning headlines, Curbside Consults/EPtalk with Dr. Jayne, and industry updates and events. While the most we know about the creator is that they work for a non-profit hospital, the anonymity allows for pure objectivity and uninfluenced content.

  9. Fierce Healthcare

    Their daily online publication aimed at healthcare executives delivers pertinent information about running a hospital or health system, from reducing readmissions to improving efficiency and more. They cover the latest news, analysis, and trends in the healthcare industry, making it a great resource for anyone from C-suite to consultant.

  10. HIMSS Analytics

    A global healthcare adviser. The industry depends on their resources, benchmarks, predictive models and assessment tools to improve decision making regarding their IT roadmap and market strategy.  In addition to their wealth of resources, we utilize Logic, their intuitive market intelligence tool that delivers access to a large technology data set with the breadth and depth needed for guiding healthcare IT strategy.

Looking for more health IT resources?  Our strategic services team is here to support your organization in the process of creating, implementing and evaluating decisions that enable you to achieve your goals & objectives! Contact us below for more information:


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