#IAmGalen: Matt Leyva, Senior Consultant

#IAmGalen: Matt Leyva, Senior Consultant

Matt LeyvaWhat do you do at Galen, and what made you join us?

I am a Senior Consultant located in our Chicago office, with my primary focus being Project Management for our Health Information Exchange (HIE) projects.  I had the opportunity to work for Galen present itself in 2011. I was previously working in a different industry but the chance to work for a dynamic company like Galen was not one I was going to let pass me by

What has been most unexpected about working here?

I had been working for 15 years before coming to Galen, so I had a vision for what business looked and felt like on a day to day basis. I learned quickly that Galen was not like every other place.  The reason is that no one works in a bubble, you never hear “it isn’t my job” or “ask someone else”.  While working on a project with a client, I know I have a network of people behind me.  I never feel like I’m working alone or worry about being put in a situation that may be new for me, because I know I have an amazing crew of resources who are always willing to help out, lend advice from their previous experiences, jump on a call to discuss it with me, whatever.

What does your day-to-day job involve?

Each role here at Galen has its own specific aspects that make it rewarding, mine is that I have two client bases. I have the clients I support for my projects, but as a Project Manager, I also have my internal teams who I support.  My days can be spent on the phone with clients helping them get all of the needed pieces of the puzzle in place for us to get them enrolled with their State HIE.  Those calls can be technical in nature for practices who are concerned with the system side of the initiative, and those calls can be more relationship building as I explain what our team at Galen will be doing for them as we work through the project.  Providing status updates to my clients, being someone they can call to express concern, asking them for updates on items they own, seeing how we are tracking with expected timeframes, it’s all over the spectrum.  I really enjoy the people side of the work, as it’s never the same. Plus, the appreciation from our clients for a job well done gives me great pride to be part of that team and Galen as a whole.

Can you talk about relationships with client staff, or a particularly tough problem you’ve encountered that required finding a unique solution for?

The relationships with clients I support is what motivates me each day.  My job isn’t always to perform a task, but rather to do whatever is needed so my clients feel supported. If the client loses confidence in what we can do for them, that is when I have failed.  I’m happy to say I’ve never experienced that and definitely will strive to make sure it never happens.  With one of my previous projects, we had been dealing with situations where the providers were unsure that we could accomplish what we were proposing without an impact to their day to day work.  Instead of trying to explain it with words or “talking them into it,” I simply invited them to be part of the process.  We involved them with some of the day to day work, so they could see what we were doing and allowed them to come up with their own conclusions.  The end result was fantastic, not only did they give their blessing to let us continue with the project, but after seeing behind the curtain they became an advocate for the project.  In my mind, what was initially an obstacle turned into a positive, from simply building a relationship.

 Galen’s culture is pretty unique – what’s your favorite aspect of it?

The simplest way I can answer this is to say that our leadership has created an environment that allows everyone to make this a place much more than somewhere to simply work.  It’s an amazing place to challenge yourself professionally and to have opportunities that no other industry offers. The client work is demanding and we have high expectations of ourselves.  Sometimes that requires working on nights or weekends, but that is because we are invested in the success of Galen and each other, we work hard so we can play hard.  With that said, Galen also offers a place of friendship and fun.  We have remote folks all over the country vs requiring only office employees, super fun holiday celebrations, participating in bowling or kickball leagues with colleagues after work, going on the most amazing company trips each year, or something as simple as hanging out during lunch catching up about last night’s win in the World Series by the Cubs.  The list goes on and on. As a result, my favorite aspect is working with people who I know care about me both professional and personally. You always hear about people who dread going to work, which is something I never experience.  Well, unless it’s the morning after the Holiday party, those mornings aren’t normally my favorite. Even 5+ years later, I feel engaged, challenged and encouraged that not only will my current skill set continue to grow but that I’ll have opportunities to develop my career to areas I once never thought possible.

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