MEDITECH Rules Focus Group #NerdyWork

MEDITECH Rules Focus Group #NerdyWork

nerdyworkLet’s Talk Nerdy

Earlier this month, we launched our first official MEDITECH Rules Focus Group, which admittedly has been something I have wanted to do since I first discovered the power of Rules optimization. It was clear there was a need among MEDITECH customers given the high demand stemming from a rules webinar we conducted in the fall. Our clients were in need of help to address gaps in functionality. This provided the motivation and inspiration to start the group.

During my time at MEDITECH I always had a passion for workflow redesign and developing best practice in clinical modules. My new-found affection for the 6.x Rules Engine was the last piece of the puzzle and soon I started churning out content, toolkits and clinical decision support. Government mandates and trends in the industry made me take notice that many hospitals were asking for the same thing. I wanted to take the rules I built and deploy them to the masses, but could never figure out how to do that, until now.

Working at Galen has provided me the perfect opportunity to finally bring these ideas to fruition. Galen offers a solution called eCalcs for Allscripts (which does not have a rules engine) clients that provides users with over 70 integrated calculators and scoring tools and uses contextual information from the patient record to drive the clinical decision process. “I am going to make eCalcs for MEDITECH” I thought, and so Operation #NerdyWork was born.

meditech-focus-group-slideOur Focus Group

We got started by offering the MEDITECH community the opportunity to be part of a Focus Group centered around developing an out of the box, plug and play, deliverable 6.x Rules package. We had an overwhelming response and our pilot group of 8 was quickly formed.

Our Objective: We wanted to gain a better understanding of gaps in the MEDITECH 6.x/6.1 platform and how those frustrations and pain points can be addressed with embedded rule logic and intuitive workflow redesign. We also wanted to validate that the MEDITECH community is in need the rule calculators offered with eCalcs, many of which require licensing.

Having wrapped up our second session last week, I am amazed at the feedback we’ve received from this team. I could feel their excitement and eagerness for the final product over the phone and know that we are moving forward in the right direction.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the calculators, scores and clinical decision support we are hoping to include:


Workflow Enhancements

  • Manage Transfer Guidance
  • Blood Transfusion Orders
  • Chronic Disease Management Driven Doc Sections
  • Documentation driven pre-selection of values
  • Antibiotic Stewardship Program Rule-driven documentation
  • So much more!

Have an idea? Send it my way! It will be addressed and vetted at the next focus group meeting.

We are also sending out surveys to other MEDITECH users to make sure our offering addresses industry trends and needs. Subscribe to our mailing list here.

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