#IAmGalen: Kavon Kaboli, Consultant, Field Services

#IAmGalen: Kavon Kaboli, Consultant, Field Services

Kavon KaboliWhat was your background prior to joining Galen, and what made you join us?

I was a biology major in undergrad. After undergrad I worked as an asthma research technician for 3 years while simultaneously earning my MPH from Boston University School of Public Health. It was through my graduate school training that I began to realize that perhaps practicing as a physician was not necessarily the best fit for me. I still wanted to be involved in healthcare, but not in that role.

I heard about Galen via word of mouth from one of my classmates and decided it was a good opportunity for me to help improve our healthcare system, and now I am here!

Describe your role here:

As of right now, I am functioning mainly as a project manager for data migrations. I am also helping to develop tools and methodologies so that others may lead data migrations.

Can you talk about some of the unique work you’ve done with front line support?

No matter how many times you experience a go-live each of them presents a new challenge. I am currently onsite assisting with a post data migration go-live. I like to think that we not only help the client design and iron out workflows, but we also serve as a therapeutic base. When the physicians and clinical staff are feeling overwhelmed, they can come to us for EHR help and for mental stability. We’ve been through this before, we’ve seen how go-lives begin. We’ve also seen how they end. We understand the struggles along the way and know that while learning a new EHR can be painful and can oftentimes seem overwhelming, when all is said and done, everyone is going to be OK.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

I enjoy overcoming challenges and solving problems. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I also enjoy collaborating with my peers.

What’s one thing that not a lot of people know about Galen that they should?

We always find a way. There are times where we may be uncertain if it is technically feasible to do something or if we have the bandwidth to complete a project on a constrained timeline, but we always find a way to do what the client requests and leave them happy. I think that is due to how well we collaborate internally. There is always someone willing to lend a hand, always someone willing to go above and beyond to help out.

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