#IAmGalen: Arsenio Latimore, Software Engineer

#IAmGalen: Arsenio Latimore, Software Engineer

Arsenio LatimoreWhen did you join Galen, and what do you do here?

I joined Galen back in June 2013. I am a Software Engineer on our Products team.

Tell us about some cool work you’ve done here…

The great thing I’ve noticed about working at Galen is that I have been faced with a variety of challenges. Not every project is the same and the work feels far from repetitive. I’ve worked on…

  • eCalcs – Our solution that seamlessly integrates the most popular health calculators into an EHR.
  • Dragonfly – Our remote patient monitoring system that allows patients to report data to an EHR via their iPhone or Android device.
  • Pinpoint – Our partnership project with Pinpoint Care that serves as a platform for patient engagement, care coordination and management.
  • VitalCenter Online (Archival) – Our cloud based archival solution for providers who switched to a new EHR but still need to store data from the legacy EHR.

What’s really been “cool” about working on these projects is that leadership does an excellent job to try and stay up to date with the latest technologies and practices. A lot of companies have the tendency to just stay with what they feel comfortable with. Galen is not afraid to experiment, learn, and evolve… which has been very stimulating for me as a developer.

What is the one thing you hope to do in the role?

My start at Galen marked my 2nd industry job as a Software Engineer. Starting out in this career can be a bit intimidating as it calls for you to learn at a very fast pace. However, I consider myself very fortunate to have joined a team that provides such great mentorship and guidance. The one thing I hope I can do in this role is to provide the same level of helpfulness to future Galeneers. This company is flooded with knowledgeable role models and I strive to inherit those same qualities to help others.

What do you wish other people knew about Galen?

I wish other people knew that they don’t have to settle for a job that they aren’t happy with. From what I have experienced with the culture here, it is concrete proof that companies exist that care about their employees. Leadership continually seeks feedback to maintain and improve the great culture at Galen. We even have a “culture club” that consists of members that meet periodically to address any concerns. It is no coincidence that we have made the list of “Best Places to Work in Healthcare” four years in a row.

Are there any particularly awesome moments that stick out over your time at Galen?

It isn’t often that I hear about a company flying out all their employees from each office for a 3 night stay at a tropical paradise… but Galen does every year! Annually Galen has a company meeting to gather everyone from all of our locations (Boston, Burlington, Chicago, and remote people) to meet at one destination. At this meeting we do team building exercises, discuss goals for the coming year, and of course have some fun with co-workers that we don’t regularly see face-to-face. So far I’ve been to Punta Cana, Cancun, Las Vegas, and next trip we are destined for–the Bahamas! Each trip has created some awesome memories and have brought me closer to my co-workers.

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