Our Top 10 Blogs of 2016

Our Top 10 Blogs of 2016

As 2016 is coming to a close, it’s important to reflect on all that’s been accomplished in the healthcare IT industry. From MACRA rulings, to EHR system updates, Galen will continue to be there for all the changes to come, delivering unique solutions to keep your organization moving forward. We want to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, and invite you to countdown to 2017 with our top 10 blogs of the year:

10. #IAmGalen: Erin Sain, Chief Operating Officer
ErinSain #IAmGalen with our COO, Erin Sain! She’s been here from the beginning and has been a HUGE part of making Galen what it is today “I think I was employee #8 on the books. I wasn’t sure what I was actually getting myself into, but what a ride it’s been!” Not everyone has the ability to sit down and chat with their company’s COO, but at Galen we like to make sure that there is an open line of communication at all times. Starting with our fellow colleagues all the way up to our CEO (and COO!), you can IM, email or call anyone at any time. We work very hard to nurture what is uniquely us, it’s part of what makes up #IAmGalen: read the full interview here.
9. Top 10 MEDITECH Interface Tips & Tricks
Galen MEDITECH Integration The following tips and tricks offer best practice guidance to leverage  and configure the capabilities of MEDITECH to deliver efficient, secure, and scalable integration. Get your MEDITECH Integration questions answered by accessing MEDITECH MIS Interface Manager FAQs on the MEDITECH Wiki. Assess and optimize your enterprise integration environment by downloading the Integration Architectural Design, Planning & Migration whitepaper
8. TouchWorks 15.1: Vital Signs Enhancement
heart-665177_1280 With the release of Allscripts TouchWorksTM EHR 15.1, there are quite a few vital signs enhancements geared toward improving the user experience in areas such as clinical documentation and administration. System administrators can now determine which vital signs are required fields.  Benefits of this improvement will help ensure all necessary information is captured and in real time. Check out the rest of the enhancements here!
7. TouchWorks 15.1: Note Enhancements
15.1 Enhancement Pic Have you seen the news about Allscripts TouchWorksTM 15.1?  Wow!  There are some great note enhancements with V11.  Included in this is the ability for providers to create personal text macros and insert those macros into V11 notes, as well as many other areas in TouchWorksTM.
6. MACRA Proposed Ruling: Medicare Quality Payment Program
MIPS3 On April 27, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) released a proposed ruling for a solution to replace the Medicare sustainable growth rate (SGR) which was repealed last April.  The ruling, which is open for commentary for two months, changes the payment model for Medicare beneficiaries starting in 2017. It does this by offering two paths, the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and the Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs)
5. #IAmGalen Series
btv_celebrates_red_nose_day___1024 Because our employees make our culture, we’ve begun building a base of profiles highlighting our awesome Galeneers, in hopes of conveying just how unique our culture is to prospective candidates and for others to learn more about us.  We want to hire people who want to work with us—and while job descriptions are great at reporting the facts we want to show you how we live it.
4. Top 5 MEDITECH Rules-Based Optimization Tip #1: Capturing Infusion Start/Stop Times
MEDITECH Infusion Stop Time Optimization In this blog series, we will feature tips & tricks from Galen resident MEDITECH expert and Principal Consultant, Kelly Del Gaudio. Within MEDITECH, a simple rules-customization can ensure accuracy of infusion stop time, calculate the total run time and drive measurable increase in revenue. View our MEDITECH IV Charge Capture Setup Guide to get started.
3. MEDITECH 6.X: Six things to know before your migration
 MEDITECH In taking an EHR upgrade, cost, staffing, and timing are the biggest hurdles facing any organization.  When it comes to the MEDITECH 6.X platform, many clients say that the upgrade from MAGIC to 6.1 behaves more like a new EHR implementation, making this migration even more complex.  Carefully assessing an organization’s needs and creating strategic timelines and resource allocations can help ensure a smooth transition to the 6.1 platform.
2. Galen’s Story Thus Far: 20 Interesting Facts About Us
aboutus For over a decade, Galen has partnered with more than 300 specialty practices, hospitals, HIEs, health systems, and integrated delivery networks. We provide high-quality, expert-level IT consulting services. We also deliver a suite of fully integrated products. These enhance, automate, and simplify the access and use of clinical patient data to improve cost efficiency and quality outcomes. This is Galen’s Story.
1. MEDITECH 6.X Infographic: Facing Transition Decisions
capture We looked deeper into the decision facing current and prospective MEDITECH clients and are pleased to share the insights we captured via our MEDITECH 6.X infographic, developed in collaboration with HIMSS Analytics. The infographic sheds light on the profiles of the current user base (including financial performance), delivers insight into the key metrics that the 6.X platform delivers, and displays planned upgrade timelines by version.
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