Technical Configuration for Maintenance and Security Best Practices Webcast

Technical Configuration for Maintenance and Security Best Practices Webcast

Are you sysadmins and DBAs spending all their time maintaining your EMR? Does the technical configuration of your EMR leave most of your staff puzzled? Don’t let the maintenance of your system fall on a select few.

From “Technical configuration of an EMR’s hardware and software components within a particular environment is complex and vulnerable to errors. In addition to the substantial initial configuration effort, a continuous, reliable configuration review and maintenance process must be developed and followed. EMR safety and effectiveness can be improved by establishing proper configuration procedures, policies, and practices.”

Allow your sysadmins and DBAs the time to focus on more critical issues and improvements. In this webcast, we will describe some best practices for running a centralized EMR environment, using Allscripts TouchWorks as an example. The best practices included will cover security, maintenance, application choice, general Windows environment quirks, and simple steps that can be taken to shore up your organization’s database.

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