#IAmGalen: Tracy Kimble, PMP, CPHIMS, Senior Consultant

#IAmGalen: Tracy Kimble, PMP, CPHIMS, Senior Consultant

tracykimbleWhat was your background prior to joining Galen, and what made you join us?

My husband was military and we spent quite a few years moving around and serving the country: Guam, Wyoming and Germany were all home to our family at some point in time.  Eventually, we separated from the Air Force and I earned my bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems at Ohio University along with my vocational/technical education certification through the state of Ohio.  I then spent five years teaching Information Technology in a rural high school in southern Ohio before moving over to the healthcare IT arena. I learned the ins and outs of Allscripts while working as a Senior Application Analyst at a client for five years.  While there, I covered everything from build work, go live support, upgrades, interface troubleshooting, ancillary systems support, data query creation and help desk coverage.  When you are part of a smallish client support team, you have to learn to do it all and just make it work for the organization. Fortunately, that kind of exposure on the client side allowed me to develop a varied skill set that has been beneficial to many clients since coming to Galen.

At the time I decided to apply at Galen (eons ago), my employer was going through a merger, my son was about to go off to college and I was ready to move on to a new challenge. It really seemed like the right time to make a professional change. Truthfully, I didn’t think I had much of a chance to get hired with Galen, but wanted to get back in the swing of interviewing and thought it would be a great place to start.  Who knew it would be such a wonderful journey five and a half years later?

What’s your role here and what does that entail?

I am currently a Senior Consultant here at Galen and I’ve had the opportunity to work on a diverse pool of projects over the years.  I have covered optimizations, builds and roll outs, go-live support, Tier II help desk coverage, EHR Administration training, patient portal integration and the list goes on.  I am currently in the process of transitioning from a year-long gig providing help desk support to an optimization project on the west coast.  For me, it’s an exciting opportunity to utilize my PMP certification, work with a new client and their amazing team, along with the internal Galen team that will be focusing on this effort.

There’s something to be said for the connections we make out in the field. Have there been any particular client/staff interactions that stand out to you over the years?

To me, those connections are the best part of this job.  I’m still social network “friends” with folks from my very first Galen contract!  The longer the contract, the closer you become with the client and their employees. But my closest relationships are definitely those internal to Galen.  I’ve met some of the smartest, funniest, kindest people I’ve ever known working here.  The capacity of the Galen employees to share their knowledge, help you out in a pinch and be there to support you when things don’t necessarily go exactly the way you had hoped has been amazing and inspiring.  I vacation with these friends.  I drive hours to see them when they are close and visit or have dinner.  I call them after hours to get professional advice or just to chat about our personal lives. I’m a remote employee (SW Florida) and I obviously don’t “see” people day to day.  But, I know them and know they are always there to help if needed.  That’s really more important for me.

What are you looking forward to as we continue to grow as a company?

Truthfully, I’m a super hard-core nerd at heart.  I love the products we have developed and the technical creativity we’ve used to code and create them.  But, I’m more impressed with the internal coordination that is needed to ensure our clients are getting exactly what they need with those products.  As a company, we work hard to coordinate our efforts to find the smoothest solution for our clients while exceeding their needs or requirements.  As we move forward, I hope I have the opportunity to use my PMP and CPHIMS certification in conjunction with some of our amazing technical and professional offerings to help clients reach their clinical improvement or quality regulation requirements in the future.

Anything else you think is important for someone to know about Galen?

If you’re an introvert, we WILL get you to join in our banter and chat on all our Slack channels.  If you’re a hardcore techy and need help just understanding the front end of the application, we’ve got your back.  If you’re more clinical in nature and need technical support, we have it!  We are continuously sharing, chatting, improving and moving forward for our clients every day.

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